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26 November 2007

RIP: My Youth

I actually put a lot of effort into being cute this morning. I blow dried my hair and put on a cute head band. I wore a skirt with some black tights. I was totally channeling Blair. How did the universe repay me? First, with rain so that my hair frizzed and looked truly hideous. Second, with a grey hair, my first grey hair. Tragic.


perfect bound said...

Seriously. And it doesn't help to know that "Blair" is a fictional 17year old whose script will never lead her down the permenant haircare color isle at CVS. Embrace it. What can I say?

Anonymous said...

I, unfortunately, was born with a streak of grey hair. It is underneath, near my neck, but it is there.

ralcony said...

always check the weather before even bothering to blowout your hair....something i learned a looong time ago

WendyB said...

Oh no! My sympathies. I found my first gray hairs this year too. Not even gray. WHITE.