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04 November 2007

Santa Baby: Travel Jewelry Case

Is it too early to start my Christmas wish list? I think not! After all my anniversary and birthday are long gone, so I need a new reason to say when shopping "Honey...wouldn't this make a great _________ present." With Halloween over I can now say "Christmas Present." After all, every department store on the planet is now chock full of holiday gear, and I am extremely susceptible to happy shiny marketing (Apple, I am your devoted slave).
So, to the first entry on my Christmas list. On one of my recent trips to the accessories department in Neiman Marcus, a sales girl explained to me that there have been great advances in leather treatment leading to fabulous metallic leathers with a suede like texture. Fortunatly, for those of us with less than $300 to spend on a gift, Banana Republic has also noticed this innovative "new" leather. Behold the metalic leather travel jewelry case from Banana Republic. The leather is soft, the metalics are gorgeous and the inside pockets are plentiful. This is actually the first travel jewelry case that I have found that has a slot exclusively devoted to earrings. Too fabulous! For those among us who are not so easily distracted by sparkly objects, they also have this case in a sophisticated embossed leather. I have a smaller, similar case from Coach from a few seasons back, and I have to say I think the Banana case is an improvement. The workmanship on each is similar, but the Banana case has a rigid body, which is key if you have a penchant for blown venetian glass beads like me. Also, as I noted before, the earring feature in the Banana case is unique and incredibly useful. The price for this adorable product is still a bit steep at $88, but I would say the case is worth it if you have someone you were planning on spoiling. Like, *ahem* me, darling husband, if you are reading this.


The Mrs. said...

Never too early to start the list! Love that jewelry case!

Suburban prep said...

That is a great travel case for jewelry.