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16 December 2007

Blair Waldorf Style Files

blair waldorf, lorick collection, abigail lorick, gossip girl

As some of you may already know, a large chunk of Blair Waldorf's wardrobe is designed by Abigail Lorick for her new line Lorick Collection. Lorick is the designer behind all of Eleanor Waldorf's fabulous designs. The Lorick Collection spring photo shoot looks to have inspired the Gossip Girl photo shoot of the Waldorf Collection! Let's hope life imitates art and the Lorick Collection gets picked up by a major department store.

blair waldorf, lorick collection, abigail lorick, gossip girl

In the mean time, it appears the closest you will get to Lorick's design is Gargyle, where you can sign up now for email notification of when the collection becomes available for sale on their website. My two favorite designs from her collection are pictured above. I simply adore the yellow crinoline under the black skirt with a white rick rack trim. Unfortunately, I did not see this piece available from Gargyle. My other personal favorite is the gray Audrey Hepburn like ensemble. The monochromatic gray, the cigarettes pants, the perfectly wrapped scarf, the chic is so incredibly fabulous!

blair waldorf, lorick collection, abigail lorick, gossip girl

So, if you are interested in imitating Blair Waldorf's enviable style you need to keep your eye on the Lorick Collection. The label is set to become a quick success after all the exposure it has received on Gossip Girl. I am certain we will see it in several designer boutiques and hopefully in high end department stores this spring. I am happy to say that this success was bestowed on an extremely worthy person! The designs of Abigail Lorick are truly fabulous, and she is a also a generous woman. Her first fashion show was at a benefit for Living with a Life Long Ambition, an organization involved in AIDS relief in Africa. Additionally, a percentage of the profits from her first collection will be donated to the cause.

Finally, I leave you with the description of the "Lorick Lady" from Lorick's website:
"This season the Lorick Lady is being introduced to society. She is polite and considerate. She make it a point to keep her manner in check even when everyone around her has forgotten her please and thank yous. Her etiquette naturally transcends her wardrobe, but she would never overlook her attire. She is always pulled together and timeless, but still modern. As classic as she may be, she known she is a rarity in today’s rather immodest society and openly celebrated her eccentricities by selecting quirky prints, accessories like gloves, scarves and suspenders. She danced late into the night, slips out of her “il sotto” crinoline skirt, changes her heels to flats and effortlessly looks perfectly put-together for her 8 am!"
Where to buy Lorick Collection: Buydefinition, Gargyle

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Anonymous said...

I am soo in love with Gossip Girl! Thanks for posting this article - just like you, I adoreeeeeee the black skirt with the yellow crinoline underneath it!!!!

Anonymous said...

not such a fan of the grey outfit but i'm in love with the other outfits! i love all of the yellow in the collection!

flutterbyblue said...

I really love that yellow crinoline under the black/blue skirt (although I'm not sure about the rick rack trim...)

Anonymous said...

Ohh Gossip Girl revealed on CW tonight!! including style tips!

Suzy said...

I MUST have that yellow cute!

Anonymous said...

I think I am in love! The black skirt and the yellow dress is heaven!!!