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03 December 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Art, Illustration

For the fourth day of the Etsy Holiday Guide, we will be focusing on Art! I specifically decided to post a collection of etsy fashion illustrations today, and tomorrow I will be presenting a few of my favorite photographers and oil artists. Don't forget to check out Poetic and Chic, Flutterbyblue, and Sfgirlbybay as they've helped build the guide and may be posting some of their picks too!

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First up, Jen Oaks produces beautiful giclee prints. She is an aspiring editorial illustrator who is still in graduate school. She incorporates many of my favorite motifs into her work, including flowers, paisley prints, shoes and even day of the dead skulls! The best news is that she is having an end of the year clearance sale to make way for her new collection in January, so stop by her etsy shop to get a great deal on some beautiful work.


John Clark produces clever and unique art using sharpies and old books. I love how he leaves little windows of text describing each of his captivating and often dark subjects. I think he is one of the freshest artists on etsy, and I predict we will see his unique art in a modern art gallery someday. I was excited to see that he welcomes custom work! I know what is going straight to the top of my Christmas/birthday wishlist! A personal portrait would look fab in my black, white and red living room.


Brooke Hagel, of Brooklit's Shop, also produces custom work, specifically, custom bridal portraits. If you simply cannot bring yourself to buy from the couple's registry one of these custom portraits would make an excellent wedding gift. Booklit's Shop also sells fashion illustrations, some of which you might recognize! Both of the above illustrations have been featured in the banner of Toast and Tables.


The Paris Apartment said...

Wow! Now this is something that's going to take some exploration! Thanks for the intro to these amazing artists!

flutterbyblue said... took one of my favorites! John Clark will also do custom designs (or at least he used to!) if there is a particular photo/page you'd like to see in portrait form. He's quite busy though so you'll have to give him plenty of time to accommodate your request!