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04 December 2007

Etsy Holiday Guide: Art, Oil Paintings

For the fifth day of the Etsy Holiday Guide, we will again be focusing on Art! I specifically decided to post a collection of etsy photography and oil paintings today. Don't forget to check out Poetic and Chic, Flutterbyblue, and Sfgirlbybay as they've helped build the guide and may be posting some of their picks too!

First, I present the oil paintings and prints of Sandy Mac. Her current series portrays one of the ultimate in retro toys, pez dispensers. Not only did I have a collection of pez dispensers when I was younger, one of my Aunts did as well! So, Mac's current series of paintings has a certain nostalgic appeal.

I was first attracted to the playful paper parasols in the works of Polly Jones. But, as I've admired her work over the last several months, I've been impressed with her ability to find beauty in small everyday objects. I think a small collection of her works would look smashing in bright and cheerful kitchen.

Midnight Paintings by Kerri King also find joy and beauty in everyday objects. King is part of the painting a day movement which was born out of the accessibility provided by the internet. Domino did a feature on painting a day blogs a few months ago! I would imagine it takes a great deal of discipline to turn out a painting a day, especially while maintaining the high quality seen in King's works.
Images from each artist's etsy site.


Polly Jones said...

How happy to have my paintings in here with two artists I admire! Thanks for making my day.

ginka said...

Thank you so much for all these etsy recommendations. There's so much on the site I get overwhelmed.

You are providing a great service during this busy time of year.

WendyB said...

Very nice work. And...Pez!!! Cool.