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12 December 2007

Fashion TV on my computer

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I don't actually get the style network through my cable company. But, it doesn't seem to matter much because these days you can get your fashion tv fix on the internet. There is, among many other videos, the CandyCast on brought to you by a poorly illustrated Candy Pratts Price. Then, there is with beauty and styling tips, stalking NYC women to ransack their bags for all the world to see and entertaining interviews, including this one with Mo Rocca interviewing Tim Gunn (new word of the day: semiology). Not to be left behind, WhoWhatWear just sent me my daily email with a little video clip explaining how to navigate the minefield that is the office holiday party. Tragically, they suggested full on sequins and t-strap shoes...which might be alright if your boss misses the 80s. Apparently the staff at WWWD are all blond and hot, or at least those are the only ones they think are fit to show the world. Anyway, I liked the general idea of the WWWD TV clips, I am sure I will like the next clip better!
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