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29 December 2007

Amy: say no! no! no! to eye makeup

amy winehouse, no eye makeup, chic and charming

I had secretly begun to believe that Amy Winehouse had actually had her eye makeup tattooed on and her eyes. I also believed that like a geisha, she had her hair done once a month and then kept it perfect through some sort of ritualized sleeping routine, except like a Rock Star Amy would not have been so careful in order to give her hair a slight muss. Both of these ideas were bashed when I ran across the picture to the right. Even though she is obviously distressed, Amy looks even hotter than usual rocking no makeup and crazy long and fabulous hair. I must say she was only in a bra (I edited) and our girl has fab abs. Lets hope she goes au natural more often!

Images from E!


flutterbyblue said... is her beauty mark fake???

a. said...

That beauty mark is definitely fake. She is a mess.

Unknown said...

I would like her so much better au naturel!

Anonymous said...

that "beauty mark" is a piercing.

Anonymous said...

I think that she looks alright both ways!
Yet her signature Beehive is a wonderfully done work as well!!