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10 December 2007

If you like small cuddly animals, you might be offended by this post

I love the look and the feel of fur! But, I've been raised in the age of PETA and so I have a tinge of guilt every time I lustfully finger an unaffordable mink stole. My poor little brain is so conflicted! Doris Day, a great champion of animals, seems like the luckiest woman alive accompanying Cary Grant to a tropical getaway swathed in a MINK LINED coat with changeable over coats in "That Touch of Mink." Really, can you imagine anything more fabulous! Wearing fur hidden on the inside of your jacket, so soft and cozy against your skin, is beyond luxurious. But, all this fabulousness comes at the cost of the lives of several cuddly creatures. Do you think there is such thing as free range fur? Now, that is a something I could invest in, especially if it was rabbit and I knew someone had enjoyed a nice rabbit stew. I don't really feel guilty when every part of the animal is used. After all, if I'm going to eat a rabbit, why not wear its fur as well?

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PS-I'm sorry if I've hurt the feelings of pequitobun and all other bunny lovers.


Ashe said...

While I myself couldn't wear fur (something about me doesn't like the feel), I am a firm believer that one should use all parts of the animal (like you). When you don't, then the animal's life is more likely to have gone to waste. And there is so much that can be used from each life.

I also think that vintage furs are a nice idea. You're not perpetuating the killing of more animals unnecessarily and you're also recycling in a manner of speaking.

flutterbyblue said...

I am also not a huge fan of fur for myself, but that white wrap is GORGEOUS!!! I saw a version of this on a bride for a winter wedding. It was pretty fabulous...