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26 December 2007

Late, but late in high style!

happy new years card, chic and charming, snow and graham
Try as I might, I simply was not able to get Holiday greeting cards out the door this year. I joked with my Grandmother that my typical pattern for sending holiday cards out tends to be address all of my envelopes one year and then write each message and actually send out the cards the next year. I had resigned myself to the fact I had simply been too overwhelmed with other things to send out my cards this year, and then I found a simply fabulous set on sale 50% off. My Snow and Graham greeting cards are letter press accordion fold with the lovely sentiment: "May the most you wish for be the least you get in the new year." The cards are so beautiful it seems a shame to do anything more than sign my name on them, so I might succumb to the temptation to print out an enclosure with the generic reporting of the year's happening. It is kind of tragic. I feel like I am contributing to the demise of the hand written note. But, I now understand why so many women, especially with children, choose this route of communication, their options are to send out the mass mailing or to send nothing at all. I think most of my friends will get over it as this is the cutest card they could possibly receive this holiday season.

Find yourself in a similar situation? These cards are also on sale online at Red Stamp.

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1 comment:

a. said...

I actually really like the idea of a new year's card - I am thinking about sending them out next year instead of my usual Christmas card.