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30 December 2007

Logo bag throw down: Goyard vs Louis Vuitton

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No longer content to carry the same bag as a suburban ninth grader, fashionistas have been adopting Goyard logo totes for at least a year now. The trend has finally reached critical mass, attracting a New York Times article on Goyard fakes flooding New York City streets. Does the bell toll for the Louis Vuitton Speedy? I sure hope so, I think it has to be one of the they most overexposed "luxury goods" on the market today. Not to say the fashionably ugly Goyard bags will be that much more exciting, at least they have better color options.

Personally, I have been ambivalent about Goyard, then again I was always ambivalent about Vuitton. Neither logo bag is particularly attractive...they are items purchased almost exclusively to show wealth or hipness. I find this approach lacks creativity and subtlety. Perhaps they eventually become attractive because of the massive exposure we receive to them in print, on TV and on the street. I certainly was not a fan of the brown Louis Vuitton bags when they first began to build in popularity, I thought they were hideous. These days I don't find them nearly as unattractive. I like to believe I am above the pull of mastige...but of course this is completely untrue. I go through cycles were I fantasize about the fabulousness of owning a Louis Vuitton travel trunk covered in rainbow colored logos on the black background. Then I slap myself and remember that I don't REALLY want something so blatant. Then I giggle, because if I had the thousands required to buy such a piece there is no way I would spend it on luggage. I would take my generic (empty) luggage and go on a shopping spree in Paris flea markets with Claudia from The Paris Apartment as my guide instead!

Images from Barneys and geisha blog


Jello on Springs said...

I'm not a fan of the brown Louis Vuitton bags either. It's funny,even if you own a real one because they are so overexposed people are going to automatically assume it's a fake.

a. said...

I have both but I very (and I mean very) small Goyard tote. I received it as a gift and used it for a few months. I also have LV. I don't think I could decide. They really are both classics but as with anything else I tend not to want to use what everyone else has which is almost impossible these days.

Seriously, are you thinking about going on Claudia's shopping trip? I was in contact with her way before she had a blog (back in my NYC publishing days) and am dying to go. The dates have never worked out for me!

a. said...

P.S. I do NOT have the white and multi-colored version of the LV!

Chic and Charming said...

I would love to go on Claudia's trip, but unless I win the lotto I don't see it happening anytime in the next two or three years.