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12 December 2007

Mirror Mirror on the wall

disney couture, chic and charming, mirror mirror on the wall, jewelry, alice in wonderland

How does a little fairytale bling for your stocking sound? I think it sounds fabulous! I am excited to report my recent discovery of Disney Couture, jewelry and clothing inspired by your favorite Disney classics. The "Fairest of them all" necklace has been spotted on La Lohan and also comes as bracelet, this piece is definitely one of my favorites! I am also completely in love with the "curiouser and curiouser" necklace with a dancing Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Of course, there is a huge number of tinkerbell pieces, because everyone loves the pixi diva. But, there are also some very subtle, but very adorable necklaces in the range. Peter Pan's sling shot is one necklace that you would not immediately associate with Disney and would be a great gift for a mother or tomboy. Disney Couture is available from a href="">The Chic and Charming Store and 80s Purple.

Images from amazon and 80spurple


Ashe said...

oh good! I'm glad to see the "Curiouser and Curiouser" necklace is back! 80s Purple had recently transfered or redesigned and it was GONE!

Ashe said...

Oh, I spoke to soon. It's still not on their new site :(

Kori said...

I've been lusting after this jewelry for a while!

Anonymous said...

i´m not a disney fan, but i wouldn´t mind to own a pair of these!
love the pink bracelet

Jello on Springs said...

ooh i love all of them, have u seen the disney magic castle pendant?

a. said...

It's cute!

Anonymous said...

can you link me to a pic of la lohan in the erickson beamon necklace?