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31 December 2007

New Year's traditions

pink cocktail, toast, chic and charmingHere I present a collection of New Year's traditions to insure your own happiness and prosperity, compiled from a handful of completely unreliable internet sources:
  • Kiss everyone you care about at the stoke of midnight, not doing so could result in a loss of affection over the next 12 months.
  • Nothing can be removed from your home on New Years Day, not even trash!
  • Wear brand new clothes on New Year's Day in order to insure that you receive plenty of new clothes throughout the year.
  • Make sure that the first person to cross your threshold after the stroke of midnight is a tall, dark handsome man bearing gifts....hmmm, I wish that happened everyday!
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Fash said...

i will have to try these!!!!

Ondo Lady said...

I love the sound of the last one!! :) Happy 2008.

WendyB said...

so many rules and regulations!