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11 December 2007

Tragedy of EPIC proportions

Martha has killed Blueprint...too tragic for words. I am slightly consoled by the fact that the Blueprint Blog will be maintained.
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a. said...

I reported on this as well when I heard. I don't get why or how they will maintain the Blueprint website or blog. What's the point? I think Martha just shuffles her staff in between magazines and whims anyway. I knew someone that worked for the now defunct catalog.

Anyway, hope you are feeling better! I am under the weather as well - can't seem to kick a cold I've had since Thanksgiving.

ginka said...

Blueprint, I hardly knew ye! To be honest, I never bought the magazine because it was touted for young first-time home owners; but I ended up getting one for free recently and really liked it.

I'll keep up with the blog, but I still love print. You can't take a blog onto an airplane or in the doctor's office.

Chic and Charming said...

When Martha announced the death of blueprint on her show today she did imply there will be special issues occasionally concentrating on certain topics.