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04 December 2007

What Would Gossip Girls Wear?

Based on my Google Analytics Keyword analysis, there are lots of you girls coming to Chic and Charming in search of advice on how to achieve the enviable style of Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl. So, I present a new series of posts to help you add a little bit of Gossip Girl Style to your life! I think it is kind of pointless to track down the actual pieces worn on the show, because most of us probably are not going to be able to afford them. Further more, many of the pieces are probably only sold in NYC and LA anyway. So, I am going to concentrate on obtaining GG style from online sources and major chain stores. Personally, I was completely inspired by the burlesque club scene, where Blair strips down to her slip! So, where would one find such a glam slip in real life? I looked to Anthropologie one of my favorite sources of all things girly, and it did not fail me! If you are a Blair kind of girl, I suggest the Mattia Slip, a navy blue silk confection! This slip skim the body and is embellished with luxe details like ribbon trimmed lace. The slip is luxurious, sophisticated and very very Blair! What if you are more of a Serena? First off, you would never wear a slip! But, you might wear an airy silk nighty that is one part sexy and one part free spirit! Serena would love to slip into her 600-thread count sheets to dream about Dan wearing this Fly By Chemise. The Chemise is a creamy yellow baby doll, with bits of black lace criss crossing the front. Even though lady bugs and butterflies are sprinkled across fabric, the print somehow avoids being cheesy. So, now you have the Gossip Girl foundations, coming soon: Gossip Girl Hair Flair!

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Anonymous said...

I like the blue one.

Ondo Lady said...

Those Gossip Girl's sure have game, I love the way they dress!!

Anonymous said...

i will admit the blair look has been growing on me...but that outfit with the red tights last night?! ick.

Anonymous said...

I think honestly I like serena or serena's guy friend's sister's look better than blair's. Blair's looks like she's constantly, waiting for the press to put her picture in the tabloid or something, it's way over done if you ask me.