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16 January 2008

Bumble Bumble Brilliantine

What girl in her right mind would pass up the opportunity to purchase a hair product that promised that "languid, sexy, slept-in look?" After my breathtakingly fabulous experience with Curl Conscious (it turns my frizzy locks into movie starlet spirals), I thought Bumble Bumble just might be able to pull off all that they promised with Brilliantine.

Sadly, I was mistaken. Upon addition to freshly washed hair, Brilliantine did basically nothing for my hair. Upon addition to slightly dirty, very frizzy bead head there was some improvement, but not enough that I would actually leave the house without more extensive styling. What is somewhat more distressing is that Brilliantine is recommended for thick, curly hair or frizzy hair (check, check and check!). So, if it doesn't work for me, who does it work for?

I will be the first to admit that products work very differently in different hair types. For example, those with hair less curly than mine have ended up looking like they washed their hair in an oil slick after using Bumble Bumble Curl Conscious. I, on the other hand, would buy the product five gallons at a time if given the choice. Curl Conscious makes my hair look fab, it makes my sister's hair look fab, it makes my cousin's hair look get the point!

So, has anyone used Brilliantine to achieve the "languid, sexy, slept-in look?" If so, how did you use it and what kind of hair do you have?

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Anonymous said...

I have actually used it- it works pretty well for me. I have african american hair- it's thick and can be frizzy but doesn't have much natural curl to it (though the curl conscious stuff works really well for me).

Anonymous said...

I have very fine hair and it's a godsend since I had my hair cut into a short bob.Ii use it before blow drying and it does what is says on the tin.