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23 January 2008

Fabuless: DwellStudio at Target

Over the next two months a wide range of products designed by DwellStudio will be available at Target. DwellStudio produces several modern graphic lines under its own label, including products for home, table and baby. These products are regularly featured in many of my favorite decorating publications, including Blueprint, Domino and Elle Decor. The new lines at Target will reflect the label's traditional offering, with a Target DwellStudio Baby Collection, a Target DwellStudio Bedding Collection and Target DwellStudio Kitchen Collection.


The Target DwellStudio Baby Collection is the most diverse, offering cribs, changing tables, baby clothes and other baby accessories. Furniture for the DwellStudio Baby line at Target runs about $290 a piece, and it is rumored that it will only be available online. Overall, the Baby collection is full of cheerful graphic prints in calming pastel pallets. Any of these products would be an excellent baby shower gift! To give you an idea of what a fabulous deal the new DwellStudio Target line is: a crib set form the Target line will run you $80, while a cribset from the DwellStudio label is $384!


The Target DwellStudio Bedding Collection is fabulous and simple! These duvet and comforter sets would look at home in any bedroom, and manage to be both traditional and modern. I think what I like best about these sets is their equal appeal to both sexes. There is no need to make your husband sleep on a frilly, girly pink bed: you can outfit your bed with DwellStudio Bedding Collection's Baroque duvet set and both be happy (only $80 for a queen set!). I have not seen any details about thread counts or fabric content, but I will check it out after the release of this collection next month and give you an update.


Finally, the Target DwellStudio Kitchen Collection offers potholders, place mats, napkins and towels in designs similar to the bedding collection (might be perfect for a loft, where you can see both sets at once). I was a little disappointed with the lack of variety compared to the Bedding Collection and Baby Collection, but perhaps they have not released pictures of many pieces of the collection yet. I really prefer table clothes to place mats, so I wish Target would offer more cute table clothes and less place mats in these seasonal and designer collections!

Images from Apartment Therapy


The Budget Babe said...

i couldn't agree more about bedding that appeals to both sexes! it's emasculating and un-chic to make your man sleep on frilly pink or floral sheets

Anonymous said...

ohhh great graduation present ideas for a college grad:)