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29 January 2008

Side ponytails? Really?


There is a long list of things I was happy to leave behind in the 80s, side ponytails are on that list. I have been somewhat surprised to see side ponytails popping up all around the city on very stylish girls. Where did this trend come from? I did a little research and discovered this look has been popular amongst starlets as well. Bummer, I am so not ready to revive this look! Side ponytails are a great example of "if you wore it the first time, you shouldn't have to wear it the second time." Eva Longoria, I'm talking to you.

Images on flickr


WendyB said...

I think all these examples look great. As long as they're not sticking out of the top of your head, it looks pretty.

Anonymous said...

Side ponytails are flattering on ladies with exceedingly skinny heads. Unfortunately skinny heads often come on skinny bodies, and skinny bodies have a disproportionate say in fashion (and always have). You can always count on a skinny-head fashion to have many dubious returns, just like that saying about bad sushi.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I agree with you. The others look really cute, not that she doesn't look cute but too old for this, I agree.

ralcony said...

I think if it's a low pony tail it looks nice. Maybe I'm too young to really remember but I thought the 80's side ponies were coming out of the side of your head...not kind of sneaking a peek from behind your neck like most of these examples

Unknown said...

I'm guilty as charged... I think the low side pony tail is cute...I would skip Eva Longoria's look but I think Nicole Richie's ponytail is uber flattering & cute.

Chic and Charming said...

I do think Eva's is the worst. The low ones like Nicole's are growing on me...but I'm not sure how it would photograph from other angles. I have very curly hair so that look is always esp. 80s on me thanks to the 80s perm trend.