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07 January 2008

So fabulous it deserves two posts

Cuffington posted this link earlier MUST go check out this Jezebel post:
american apparel, jezebel

Image from jezebel


SoHo Accessories said...

I agree. I do find it a sign of the times that the Museum of Art would be interested in what bloggers have to say.
"You don't have to go to New York City to get SoHo

Anonymous said...

I think I've found a new theme song! This was a fun video and those girls are brave.

I bought t-shirts at AA and steered clear of anything that was shiny. I have never seen one of their ads so I find this post (and many past posts from Jezebel) on AA and their stores very interesting.

I will say that since I'm old enough to have worn shiny workout wear the first time around, I felt very out of place and "old" when I was in their store.

Fash said...

hahhahaa i loathe american apparel after a recent purchase disaster i had with them. they are impossible to order anything from. furthermore, who wears their spandex anyways????? likely hookers!