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11 January 2008

Ten ways to be Fabulous


One of my favorite bloggers, Ashe Mischief over at dramatis personae, has put the following question out to her readers:
"What do you think makes someone fabulous? Who are those you admire and find fabulous traits and inspiration in?"
I've decided to answer her call Chic and Charming style with one of my top ten posts (originally inspired by flickr's 10things group and Ms. P&C). Here are a few of my tips on how to be fabulous:
  1. Laugh at yourself, especially if other people are going to anyway. You might as well lead the charge.
  2. Know when to be selfless and when to be selfish. Be selfless: volunteer your time with local charities, listen to your heartbroken friend rehash her breakup for the sixtieth time, always help your friends move, skip lunch and give your sandwich to the homeless man on the street. Be selfish: eat the last cupcake, sleep until noon, spend the extra money on a silk nightgown, refuse to wash the dishes for two days because you don't want to chip your manicure.
  3. Read: Colette, Coetzee, Capote, Wilde, etc.
  4. If your girlfriend says "Her-meees" instead of "'ermesz" when talking about a Birkin, correct her once the two of you are alone. While a fabulous girl never lets another fabulous girl embarrass herself, she would never want to point out a mistake in front of other people.
  5. Don't be a label whore. It has been years since anyone looked fabulous carrying a Louis Vuitton Speedy.
  6. Vote.
  7. Plan to eat healthy, but don't be too hard on yourself when you slip up and eat four mini burgers topped with truffled mayo and roasted garlic, washed down with a makers mark old fashioned with extra cherries.
  8. Entertain often and with style. Know how to mix classic cocktails. Use cocktail napkins and real martini glasses. Decorate your house with fresh flowers. Spritz your guest bed sheets with lavendar spray.
  9. Send thank you notes for dinner parties, gifts and favors on bespoke letterpress stationary with lined envelopes. Shun evite in favor of the paper invite.
  10. Don't follow the rules ;)

I don't remember my image sources as I've had these on my hard drive for a while. If one of these is yours: comment and I will give you credit. Obviously one is from the Marie Antoinette and one is from Amalie.


Ashe said...

This is a WONDERFUL list! I absolutely love everything listed on it, and completely agree that they are ways to make one's life more fabulous.

(And a secret-- writing thank you notes and sending out paper invites is one of my paths to "Grown-up.")

Unknown said...

Love this post!! You're a very talented person...

Just wanted to also give you the updated url to my blog:

Thanks so much for sharing - today's my birthday and I loved what you wrote. I'm going to be fabulous today for certain! :)

Thanks again.

flutterbyblue said...

Those mini burgers are sounding pretty good right about now...especially if washed down with an old fashioned with extra cherries!

Lys said...

Now THIS is a post to read :) Love it!

perfect bound said...

All little gems. My favorite? The last one of course. I do love a little letterpress now and again as well.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... I've falled for your blog, and LOVE your style!