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28 February 2008

Human hair clothing, would PETA approve?


Oh my dears. I love Chris March, but I'm just not sure that I could ever wear human hair extensions as a skirt. I must say that the hair looked nice and shiny, an interesting alternative to fur, if rather dark. This begs the question, would PETA approve of human hair as a fur replacement? Would Natalie Portman wear it with her new vegan shoes?

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Anonymous said...

That was just wrong. I get it, but it is not commercial. And in the end, that is what everyone cares about.

Chic and Charming said...

I just wanted to copy this comment from Vika over here so that people read it with the correct post.
I agree with her. While I think the hair is a little is actually less creepy than fur because someone voluntarily gave up their hair and was paid for it.
Why not?
We, animal rights supporters, care about animals, not humans...:)

I find the human hair skirt an ethical fashion item as human would raise her voice if a hairdresser is pulling her hair, and for sure, would not give it against her will.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. No living creature had to die or suffer. I just wonder how do you clean a garment with human hair. Take it in the shower with you? And can you change the color if you get bored with the black? I think Chris should have been in and Rami should have been out.

Chic and Charming said...

Shampoo maybe? I sometimes use J&J on my bras and that works well. He did bring a brush with him! It would be cool if you could dye it, I guess it depends on what is underneath.

I just don't like Remi as much. Chris is much more fun and interesting, so I agree.

Unknown said...

Given that it is very unlikely he electrocuted & skinned humans to get the hair I think everyone (including Peta) would be okay with it...they might however be a little grossed out by it, but honestly who isn't?

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great alternative to fur...what's there to be grossed out about? People wear animal parts on their feet along with the rest of their bodies without apprehension. I thought it was really cool of Chris to be so creative with it and the pieces were beautiful. I'm sure it could be dyed since hair is dye-able on the head. It makes perfect sense to me. I'd take it to the salon for cleaning lol. I happen to own a necklace with human hair used to create eyelashes and it is crazy unique. A great fresh direction for fashion.