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19 February 2008

Is painterly a real word?

I began this post after reading in a fashion magazine that "painterly" was a trend for spring. I had never actually seen this word used before, so I wondered if painterly was a made up fashion magazine word or an actual Webster-approved word. As it turns out painterly describes art in which the brush strokes are clearly visible in the completed composition. Van Gogh and Renoir often produced painterly works, as you can see in Starry Night. As far as "painterly" being a spring trend? I'm not so sure.

Image from wikipedia


Deborah said...

I've always wondered what the word painterly meant but had never bothered to look it up. Now I know - very interesting. As far as painterly being a trend for spring...probably not in my closet.

a. said...

It is if you were a student of Art History!