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14 February 2008

It's not just's ferocious

I'm in love with Chris, but in lust with this outfit from Christian
I was totally born in the wrong century

Image from fabsugar


::pequitobun:: said...

i know! i loved christian's outfit too. really want the marshmellow white shirt.

i loved jillian's gold dress too.

what a twist, huh? both of them going to make a collection. although i would feel really frustrated if i spent 3 months on my collection and was told i couldn't show it.

have you seen project runway canada?

WendyB said...

Definitely fabulous.

Chic and Charming said...

I've only seen the US project runway...
They actually do get to show their collections...since fashion week ended last week and they had to allow all designers who had not been cut from the show to show a collection because otherwise everyone would know who the final three are! So, you can actually go online now and look at their fashion week collections. All five of the designers that where competing in this last episode presented a I think victorya did an independent collection.

::pequitobun:: said...

ooh cool! i'll go check them out. thanks!

Unknown said...

I have never watched this show!
..I don't have my t.v. hooked up.

I certainly LOVE this outfit too!
I think a tear is forming in my eye!