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25 February 2008

Rose colored clothing

This man wears only pink and white. If I tried that I would end up wearing pink and white and the color of whatever I ate for lunch. He does look fab. New York Magazine did a feature on monochromatic New Yorkers. The green lady let a "gang of hippies" babysit her son...the gray girl sounds the most OCD...but still very charming! What discipline it would take to dress monochromatically, especially in any color other than black. Could you imagine having to match all the different shades of blue? or green? Mr. Pink even wears pink underwear, as you can imagine pink men's underwear is not easy to that is dedication!

Image from New York Magazine


WendyB said...

I was very amused by this piece.

thelovelist said...

haha, Thomas Pink makes pink Men's undies... for nearly 50 dollars a pair