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16 February 2008

Sophia Styles the Stars: Cate Blanchett

In the past I've made half hearted attempts to cover the newest fashion collections, but I always feel like I'm just reiterating information you can find on more specialized fashion blogs. So, for the Fall 2008 collections I had a long think about how Chic and Charming should cover the hottest new fashions. I've come to the conclusion that I would have the most fun playing stylist to the stars (and sometimes for myself), with the current season's collections as my sources. This feature will be half celeb fashion and half high fashion with the Sophia twist...very fun! Look for stars from the past, fictitious characters and a few tongue in cheek recommendations over the next few weeks.

For my first foray into styling I've chosen this navy and bronze look from L'Wren Scott for Cate Blanchett. The neckline in reminiscent of a black and gold Chanel dress Blanchett has worn before, but I find this metallic more subtle and sophisticated. I think she should wear this dress to one of the more laid back red carpet events, or perhaps a movie premiere. Since it falls mid calf she should rock some really awesome shoes. I would stick with her usual dark eyes and loose curls in an updo to complete the look.

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1 comment:

flutterbyblue said...

Ah...I LOVE Cate Blanchett! Her earrings in that photo are so unusual! Kind of an upscale elfin style. Love them!