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11 March 2008

Dear GAP,

WHY WHY WHY do you torture me??If you go to all the trouble to have a fabulous designer design fabulous products for you, why do you only release these designs in like 5 stores in the entire world? It's not like I don't live in the city. I was the 10th person to stop by my GAP in quest of Pierre Hardy shoes! But, alas, they were released in NYC and LA and thats about it.

I'm still terribly bitter about not being able to purchase Roland Mouret's GAP collection. Please don't let me down again...I'm not sure I'll be able to bring myself to shop at your store anymore if you do.



WendyB said...

I think GAP is trying to make you cry.

Chic and Charming said...

Probably, I'm mainly really upset about the Roland Mouret...but after a couple of years you would think I could let that go...

flutterbyblue said...

You can buy the collection on the website...which should be returnable at any store if it doesn't fit.

Chic and Charming said...

Yeah, I know...but they don't have my favorite style available online...I don't know if it sold out immediately or never went up. I also really like to try my shoes on in person because my size can vary a bit.

geri hirsch said...

oh man, those are ador! you are torturing me now!

A said...

If it helps, the sizing on those things were really odd. I tried them on in my Gap because they were reduced to like 7.50, and there was a reason for it I think!