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22 March 2008

Decorating Marilyn's new apartment

My dear sister, Marilyn, is graduating from college and getting her first real apartment. She has put it to me to help decorate her new bedroom. The first thing we did was pick out her bed set. We decided on this set from anthropologie, which happens to be on sale.


The task at hand is to choose new curtains for her room. Thus far I have discovered three options. The first is from Target, sheer polka dot curtains beneath blue blackout curtains.


The second and third option are from Pottery Barn Teen, an excellent source for cute and preppy decor. The blue pleated curtains are adorable and feminine. The green ones are quite nice, but a little plain and they might be difficult to match to duvet.


What are your thoughts? Any suggestions?

Images from Pottery Barn Teen and Target


WendyB said...

I must say that I love that shade of green!

thelovelist said...

beautiful colors, your sister is lucky to have your help!