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27 March 2008

Gadget Guru: iPhone Lifestyle Companion

I've had a good deal of problems with Apple products in the past. But I might grant them clemency for good behavior if the recent rumors about an "iPhone Lifestyle Companion" turn out to be truth. According to several "reputable" rumor sites, today Apple filed for no less than 6 patents to cover a slew of hardware and software updates for the iPhone. Check out this link for more info.

One thing I would be interested to find out is whether or not Apple plans to collect your data for themselves. With companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook doing everything they can to learn as much as they can about you (Google tracking your searches without you knowing it, Microsoft offering thousands of dollars worth of free software if they can monitor your every move for 3 months, or Facebook tracking everything you do online, regardless of how often you use Facebook).


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oops! i didn't finish that last sentence! It should be Facebook), I wouldn't be too surprised if Apple was trying to do something similar.