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17 March 2008

Introducing Charming Chat

chat copy

Introducing Charming Chat, the new podcast brought to you by Chic and Charming! I have been able to figure out how to do almost everything except post one of those little players in my actual blog. So, my dear readers, you will have to CLICK HERE to hear my first podcast and find out what Charming Chat is all about!

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I will keep you posted each time I put up a new podcast! I am not on iTunes yet, but I hope to be listed within the month so that you can automatically download Charming Chat to your iPod!

PS. Kori from The Fashion-y Blog said that my new podcast reminded her of this article. She was right on point! Think of Charming Chat as your cultural attaché!

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Kori said...

What a great idea! The concept of Charming Chat reminds me of this