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09 March 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target Reviewed

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the Jovovich-Hawk GO collection for Target. Overall their line was immensely wearable. They did an excellent job integrating their design sensibility into a line with real mass appeal. The products all have a vintage feel, with a few pieces being reminiscent of something you might pick up in the young designer booths of London's Portobello Road Market.

My biggest complaint would have to be the sheerness of the cotton shirts and dresses
, which is a common theme amongst all the GO collections. This problem is easily rectified with a camisole...but PLEASE do wear a camisole or slip otherwise you will be displaying your underwear for all the world to see. To give you an idea of the sheerness of each product, I photographed a few pieces with natural back lighting.

I will start off with the shorts because they are truly the rock stars of the collection. Every woman should run out and purchase the Capri pants with flower buttons and ruffled blue linen shorts immediately! (already sold out online). They are beyond cute. I am also in love with the gray shorts, made out of sweatshirt fabric and trimmed in delicate lace they would be great for looking cute while lazing around the house. Co-eds take note: you will increase your chicness 1000 fold if you trade in your thin cotton shorts with "juicy" or "FSU" scrolled across the butt for these completely adorable shorts. All of the shorts have black and white stars and stripes waist bands, a charming little extra which will make you smile every time you pull them on.

Next up, dresses...I had been looking forward to the dresses in this collection the most and was ultimately a little let down, probably because I had such high hopes! Since I was running a little late with my product review there were definitely some pieces missing from the collection at my target, so I was not able to get a good look at a few dresses I think I would have really liked, like the square neck black polka dot dress, strappy black lace dress and chiffon A-line dress. The first dress that I was drawn to, the green and gold stripped dress above was terribly cute, but perhaps a little generic. When I tried it on I found the sleeves were too tight and that this dress would definitly require a slip, unless worn as a beach cover up. Next, the polka dot wrap dress is a solid value. It is well lined, and thus not transparent despite the light color. The ruffled hem is flirty touch. This would be a great summer dress. Finally, I was very excited for the lace corset dress, until I saw the lackluster cotton string used to thread the corset screams cheap. Luckily, things such as ribbon or string are easily replaced so I would still suggest trying on this dress. Personally, I would replace the corset string.

There were quite a few cute shirts in the mix for this collection. The shirt on the left, although sheer was extremely flattering. I especially liked the black and white paisley print, which I would have kept for myself had it been in my size. My husband was a big fan of the Mucha-esque gray t-shirt on the upper right. Unfortunately, the woman's face pulled in a funny manner over my chest. The shirt on the bottom right reminded me of a female version of a Mexican wedding shirt. I am totally obsessed with the bird buttons. This shirt was not quite my style, but would be great for a woman with a vintage aesthetic. There will several other shirts in the collection, including my personal favorite shown below. The series of stripped shirts with embroidered bird was incredibly sheer, and I cannot recommend it.

In addition to the basics that I've covered here, there were pants, bathing suits and bathing suit covers in this collection. I am ALWAYS a fan of the bathing suits from Target GO collections. I did not bother to photograph them this post because I feel the online pictures are representative. You can check out the bathing suits: including a couple of bikinis, a blue and green stripped number, and a patterned suit with side cutouts online.

I leave you wish my favorite piece...a nice thick black tunic shirt with cute gold stars and a v-neck. I try to limit myself to one piece per GO collection, and this is the one piece I chose to keep. I plan to wear it with my skinny jeans and a black headband!


The Budget Babe said...

Great post. I agree with you on most points, although I wasn't brave enough to try on the short shorts. Definitely hot, but not for me! Ok so you gotta check out my favorites (I think my Target had totally different stuff than yours):
Fun times :)

ps. I've added Chic and Charming to my blogroll, hope that's cool with you :)

Anonymous said...

i really like the shirts...i can't wait to try them on!!

Fashion Trend Guide said...

Great review, I want that star print tunic, most of the stores near me have sold out :( I also want the star print vest. I bought a couple of the smocked dresses and the gray T-shirt, and I'm very happy with them so far!

Girl-Woman said...

Great post. I am adding this to my blog's weekend must reads. I love Target, too!

flutterbyblue said...

Thanks so much for the review! I ordered several pieces online (and am glad I did -- everything is now sold out in my size!) I love those shorts, the capri pants, the dresses, the tops...!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi-cool post. I LOVE those blue linen shorts - ive been looking for something like them for ages - the nearest ive got to them are Peacocks Denim Shorts here in the UK.