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18 March 2008

Kate's New Topshop Line


Kate Moss's summer collection at Topshop was released today. Sigh...I think I might be getting over Kate Moss style. It all just looks so difficult to wear for those of us who might not be supermodel thin. The look is also very Serena from Gossip Girl...I wonder if Serena's style is based on Kate Moss?

Images from Topshop


WendyB said...

I like the fringed vest. Not that I would buy it. I'm not really a Topshop person. But I like the look of it.

Crimzen Creative said...

Yeah...the only thing I could wear is the tee, but I'm not sure if I would wear a top with Kate's mug on it..

Snappy Casual Snippets said...

UH! I don't like any of it.I guess it just isn't my taste.

Anonymous said...

I love these designs, primarily the top with the graphic design of the woman's face with the top-hat. It has a graphic novel quality to it, and I'm very fond of the strong contrasts of black and white.