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10 March 2008

Movies with Style: Down With Love

Probably the number one reason that I watch the movie down with love is for the clothing. Down with Love is not the only movie that attracted my attention primarily because of fashion (ahem...Marie Antoinette, The Devil Wears Prada), but it is certainly one of the most fun!


Beyond the clothing, the decor is amazing! I mean just look at those pink Knoll womb chairs! I am drooling for the fantastic view with giant balcony. I simply adore the stewardess's little white gloves, I should have been born in the 1950s.

At one point, I had even convinced myself that life was all one big zany sex comedy and you had switched keys with the lead to use his swinging pad to snare me.

If I had an apartment like Renee's I would be dancing around my living room in a black lace corset with pink chiffon robe and matching marabou slippers.


Perhaps my favorite scene in the entire movie is the scene depicted on the right, when "Barbra Novak" and her editor remove their jackets. Barbra is wearing a yellow jacket, lined in yellow with a black and white check exterior. Vikki Hiller, is her perfect foil wearing a yellow jacket lined in black and white checks with matching dress. Divine. One day I hope all my evening dresses have jackets with matching fabric.

I think Vickie was only talking about marriage so I'd wanna have sex with her. And then I did, and now she never talks to me, except to come back for more. I feel so used.

I also adore the leather gloves which match Barbra's lavender jacket...perfection! And champaign saucers, do glam! It seems they only use champaign saucers in the most glamorous movies. I really must get a set. Marc Jacobs designed a set for Waterford a few years ago, but I never saw them in the shops. I also adore the subtle plaid in the Peter's suit...more men should dress like that.
Peter: What would you say is the average length, for most men?
Catcher: How would I know? You think I spend all my time in the locker room at the club making a comparative study?
Peter: Let me see yours again, then. We could measure. I'll get a ruler.
Cather: Better make it a yardstick!
Peter: Let's be accurate. Make sure you've got it fully extended. Have it up the whole way.
Catcher: It stays up all the way, all day long, man! That's the miracle I was telling you about: better living through chemistry. You got... 16 inches.
Peter: 16 inches! How long does a man's hose have to be?
Catcher: That's 32 inches of confidence in every step. Don't forget - I've got two of 'em!
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Ashe said...

Lovely! I've always loved this film, and this is a wonderful homage to it (and it's fashion). Thank you for reminding me of it, I'll have to rent it soon!

miss jordan. said...

I've never seen this movie but it looks like a great style feast! Yum!

Anonymous said...

I adore this film. Thanks for the screen sots. I def think it is the only film i've seen where i have loved how Renee actually looks great! Its a real lesson in how different era's can suit different people.

Snappy Casual Snippets said...

I thought the movie was a lot of fun to watch. I liked everything about it.

thelovelist said...

such a girly, fab film! reminds me of doris day and gidget movies (which i also watch for the retro garb). thanks for the excellent post!

Ondo Lady said...

I saw this movie and liked it; it reminded me of the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany's but with a weaker script. However the lack lustre story line is heavily compensated by the outfits and the decor. One of those films that you watch with the sound turned down.