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12 March 2008

Movies with Style: Gigi

One must not read novels they only depress you, one must not wear powder it spoils the complexion, one must not wear a corset it spoils the figure

How a movie about a family of courtesans (kept women) was made in 1958 is kind of a mystery to me, much less one that starts out with a musical number entitled "Thank Heaven for Little Girls." I am thrilled that such a movie, Gigi, was released because it is fabulous, one of the only musicals I can really tolerate. My favorite musical number is "The Night They Invented Champaign." Gigi is based on a novel by the same name written by one of my favorite authors, Colette. I highly recommend both the book and the movie.

Great kings do not give very large stones...because they do not feel they must

There is a depressing lack of screen shots available from the movie. I was on a quest to find a picture of Honoré Lachaille's apartment which is an art nouveau confection. Honestly, I would purchase the movie for no other reason than to study his apartment. Tragically, no picture was to be found and attempts at screen shots failed miserably.

What would you like? silk stalkings? No, silk stocking make my legs itch. I would like a lime green corset with rococo roses embroidered on the garters.

In the movie the male lead, Gaston throws a series of extravagant parties to show Paris and the world that he has gotten over his first love interest, the cheating Liane (Eva Gabor). These parties are depicted as cartoons in the daily paper and I would adore to have the series of illustrations as framed art work for my home. Alas, once again Google failed to find them anywhere on the internet.

This movie is one of my personal chick flick classics. I turn to it again and again for artistic inspiration and a pick-me-up on a rainy day. I must confess I do mute a few of the songs and just admire the beautiful set and costume design. For as many times as I hear Gigi references in movies and tv shows, I was quite surprised at the lack of information and images from the movie on the internet. If you've never seen Gigi, I would recommend making an event out of it: splurge on a bottle of the finest bubbly, buy some salted caramels, invite over your girlfriends and have a screening!


WendyB said...

Many great lines about jewelry in this movie (as well as in the original story, of course). My favorite is: "But it doesn't matter who gives them, as long as you never wear anything second rate. Wait for the first class jewels Gigi. Hold on to your ideals."

Darling said...

Screen shots for beginners:
(1) Insert dvd into computer, play movie
(2) Expand to full screen and fast forward to point of desired screen shot
(3) At moment of desired shot, press the "print screen" button on your computer keyboard one time [note: some keyboards abbreviate the key "prt sc" and others require that you hold down the function key (fn) at the same time]
(4) Open the Windows Paint program
(5) On the toolbar, select "Edit" and "Paste" [or just use keyboard command "Ctrl+V"]
~Voila! the image will appear in Paint, ready to be cropped and sharpened at your leisure

I hope this helps you out! Screen shots rock, especially rare or hard-to-find ones :)