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28 March 2008

RAMY Sleep in Beauty

Sleep in Beauty is a tinted moisturizer that you wear when you sleep so that he (or she) never has to see you less than perfect. It is designed to fight wrinkles and does not rub off on your pillow (although I have not tested it myself). I'm not sure, maybe if I was still in the dating game? Even then I'm not sure I would spend $50 for makeup you sleep in...if the person is there to see what you look like first thing in the morning that should love you zits, wrinkles and all. What are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it would be good for times you sleep somewhere where other people might see you? I am always self-conscious around my future in-laws...

Anonymous said...

The only people I can truly see thinking this was great are, well, girls who work. Otherwise, who is that insecure/vain?

flutterbyblue said...

Even though it says it's made for sleeping, I have to admit, I'm a little apprehensive. I always feel kind of gross if I wear makeup to bed (on the rare occasion...) If one is really self-conscious about being seen in the morning, then why not just invest in a cute eye mask and beeline it for the bathroom early AM?