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27 March 2008

Yelle Style

American female rappers wear bling, designer clothing and leave little to the imagination. French female rapper Yelle takes a far more playful approach to dressing.

She, of course, has an impossibly perfect bob...a rich brown version of the Anna Wintour hairdo...but with much more movement.

Her style is a little 80s, with colored leggings and bright colors. Yelle references rapper style with playful, large jewelry reminiscent of bling but often in plastic. She also wears old school tennis shoes, like male American the rappers of yore.

While I do feel Yelle looks incredibly chic in her outlandish outfits, I'm not sure that I could ever pull off purple leggings, much less purple leggings with tennis shoes, without looking like Jane Fonda.

Yelle has a definite affinity for the iconic yellow smiley face. This seems appropriate given the peppy sound of her French pop rap.

You can currently see clips of Yelle all over MTV. She was also featured on the season premiere of The Hills and in an episode of Entourage. She will be traveling stateside to perform in April and May 2008. To check out her music visit her my space page.

Image sources on my flickr page


Ashe said...

The 80s lover in me can't help but find her style amazing and the happiest thing I've seen all day.

Can't complain about her music, too! Lovely.

WendyB said...

Funny, I just saw her for the first time ever on MTV this morning. I was like, "Who IS that interesting woman?" Now I know!

Emilia Jane said...

Wow. I'm completely in love with her style and all-over-cuteness!

Jennifer Perkins said...

Gotta say I love the jewelry and her M.I.A. style. Her My Space page almost gave me a seizure however.