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30 April 2008

Ring Ahoy!

I'm pretty into this skull charm with the rose adorned sword through it's mouth. I wish Les Nereides was available in more stores in the US.
PS: I'm even more in love with these earrings!

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29 April 2008

How to watch Gossip Girl online

I know there are many poor Gossip Girl fans out there who have been unable to watch the antics of Blair and Serena because CW stopped streaming and you lack cable, or even a television! Well, my dears, breathe a sigh of relief because I've got a number of websites that will allow you to continue watching GG online:

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Lorick Update

For all of you Gossip Girl devotees out there, I have some excellent news! As expected, the Lorick collection (the collection behind Blair's mother's collection) is increasingly available online! How obsessed are you with these adorable driving gloves? If only Blair drove, I'm sure we'd see her wearing a pair. They are currently at the top of my must buy list! Tragically they appear to come in only one size, so they probably will not fit my large mannish hands.

Here are the latest places to purchase the Lorick Collection:
Image from revolve clothing

24 April 2008

I can't believe I missed this

My DVR must hate me, it did not record this episode of Ugly Betty. It looks totally amazing. Ugly Betty gets the best guest stars ever!

23 April 2008

Hmmm...I think I am casual snapshot


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Little things make me happy

These have to be the most adorable matches on the face of the planet! Too bad they are only available in Japan.

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21 April 2008

Choosing a college

"How did you know what university was right for you?"

Who could forget the monumental freak out that occurred when Paris, of the Gilmore Girls, found out she had not achieved her life long dream of being accepted to Harvard...she responded by loosing it during a nationally televised speech competition: "I’m not going to Harvard, I’m not going to Harvard. I had sex, but I’m not going to Harvard." If you are beginning your college search and you have not seen Gilmore Girls, season 3 episode really must netflix it!

Wow, this is an incredibly difficult decision. I spent most of my life hoping to go to Duke University. I'm not sure that there was really a good reason for this desire, I just knew it was a good school, in a state that I really wanted to live in. Plus, the campus was really pretty. I applied to Duke, I applied to Johns Hopkins, I applied to a couple of state schools "in state" and "out of state." I was accepted everywhere (go ahead, hate me). So, at this point I had a decision to make, and there were two main factors that influenced my decision.

My number one consideration was MONEY. I had full rides to three state schools. When my mother asked Duke about merit scholarships (specifically for national merit scholars) the admissions officer responded: "We have National Merit Scholars on our football team." If you know anything about Duke, you know their football team pretty much sucks. I could not in good conscience spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a "brand name" college education when I could get a solid "state school" education for free. I was planning on going to graduate school, and I can tell you from personal experience that going to a "brand name" undergrad institution is no match for undergraduate research, study abroad and an extensive list of extracurriculars.

My second consideration was location. During spring break of my senior year I went to visit one of my good friends who was a freshman at a very large "in state" university. I was on campus for 24 hours and ran into eight people that I knew from high school. I had no desire to to spend another four years in high school, so I wrote off anything in state after that visit.

By process of elimination I was left with only one option based on my criteria, an out of state school that had offered me a full ride. It was, by far, the best decision that I've ever made. I should note that while I have a good relationship with my parents, I was very comfortable moving a 10 hour car ride away from them. I was part of an excellent scholarship program that offered support, mentoring and even extra funding for research and volunteer projects. College is truly what you make of it, and you should look for the University that will provide you with the most opportunities and resources. Finally, one of my good friends once told me "If you don't want to like the place that you're living, you are never going to like it" you must be totally open and give you new home a solid chance.

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19 April 2008

In lust

*SIGH* I want these shoes

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18 April 2008

Is Serena wearing spats?

When I watched this episode of Gossip Girl I thought Serena was wearing ankle boots. It now appears that she was wearing spats? One of my dear friends has been considering buying some spats on etsy and I told her that she would probably never be able to wear them. Apparently, I stand corrected.

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I really want these!

I really want these fake eyelashes from Viktor and Rolf for Shu Uemura, specifically the crazy ones on the bottom. Unfortunately, they are $120 a pair and not yet available online. Also unfortunate, I am allergic to feathers and so feather eyelashes are probably a bad idea.

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17 April 2008

How did you deal with vicious gossip?

"How did you deal with vicious gossip?" or "Life is so not fair"

Well, Serena vanDerWoodsen dealt with gossip by running away to Europe or boarding school or whatever. Blair Waldorf has been handling particularly vile gossip with the typical Waldorf flair. Tragically, these ladies are hardly role models and definitely about 100% removed from the reality of everyday life for most of us. Then again, hopefully the vicious gossip you are facing is not because you slept with your best friend's significant other.

I would say my worst encounter with gossip was in high school. I was on the newspaper staff and had desperately wanted to be editor-in-chief my senior year for my entire high school career. I had been editor of the features section for one year and had introduced many popular features. I had also done a great job of teaching my staff how to edit and design layouts. In short, I rocked. I mean seriously, you've read this blog, do you have any doubt?

So, one week I was super stressed out because I had 2 exams in AP classes and I was going to be out of town for a state wide competition for most of the week. My editing slipped a bit, I turned in my proofs and went out of town. The assistant news editor, who also had designs on the position of editor-in-chief, spent the greater part of one class period (when I was out of town) making fun of me for doing such a horrible editing job WITH THE PAPER ADVISER! I found out about it from my staff when I returned. I felt totally betrayed because this girl was my friend, and the adviser...well, she was my teacher!

After that I think I went and sobbed about it to my guidance counselor who was possibly the coolest man on the face of the earth. You would have to be a special man to be an high school guidance counselor to begin with, much less the favorite counselor in a school of 3,000 kids. I didn't really do any damage control on the Newspaper, I think I just kind of wrote it off, but at the same time hoped for the best. I thought the fact that I was the best girl for the job would shine through and I would get the job. Deep down I knew I was not going to get it, so I started to make other arrangements. I checked in with the yearbook staff and the student "leadership" class as alternatives. I, of course, did not get the job as editor-in-chief. It was a cruel blow. I promptly quit the newspaper staff and took up with plan b, but not before I went and sobbed to my guidance counselor yet again.

There are a few options for dealing with gossip, which can often cause a lot of damage to your life and reputation. You can ignore the gossip, and hope it goes away. It probably will eventually, but it might also cause you a lot of problems. You can try to do a bit of damage control, if possible. You can obviously set the story straight with your friends, although tragically it might be one of your friends who started the rumor. Overall, things are probably going to suck, and you are probably going to suffer. Today's news is tomorrow's will survive. My most important advice is: never let the people who are trying to make you suffer see you cry, never let them see you upset. Go home each day and pamper yourself by reading a great book, taking a long bath and drinking an iced venti non-fat chai so that you will be relaxed and prepared to do battle again tomorrow. Take solace in your true friends, your support network will help you get through anything.

16 April 2008

How do you deal with a clingy boyfriend?

So, one of my lovely readers, "q" recently emailed me and asked if I would write a mini series about how I handled the trials and tribulations of my recent youth. I seldom get reader requests and she wrote such a fabulous email that I did not feel I could deny her! So, for the next few days I will be writing to answer her questions, and any others that readers email me over the next couple of days...just keep in mind (1) I will do my best to stay somewhat anonymous (2) my mother, sister, mother-in-law, aunts, cousins and grandmother read this blog, so there are certain topics I will be avoiding!

"How do you deal with a clingy boyfriend?"
"Why you should not date older men in college"

I don't know that I've ever had a clingy boyfriend. I think I might have been a clingy girlfriend. My "boyfriend" at the time dealt with it by telling me that we were only dating and as such were open to see other people (don't do that).

It happened that a guy in one of my history classes asked me out on a date a few days later. I thought he was a nice guy, was so not attracted to him, but said yes to prove that I could date other people. I felt like the worst person in the entire universe five minutes later. Fortunately, the guy called and canceled an hour before our date because he had a flat tire and I was so relieved that I think I sounded kind of excited and happy that he had canceled. So, he never talked to me ever again, even though we sat next to each other in class.

A few days later my "boyfriend" broke up with me and I was pretty bitter about the whole thing for a long time. There was bad behavior on both ends, but I guess I was kind of awful about it because we dated like five years ago, and now we are both married and it is still really awkward when I run into him at alumni events, which is sad because he is actually a pretty nice guy and we have a lot of the same friends. I think our relationship is evidence that a 23 year old should never date a 19 year old, the maturity difference is way too big. Not to mention, it was a little creepy to be dragging "that guy who already graduated" (and has a chin strap beard) to undergrad keggers (BURN!).

So, in conclusion, I did not really answer the question. I suppose if pressed, I would say a clingy boyfriend is probably feeling a bit insecure. Try to reassure him of your commitment to him in subtle, ego boosting ways. If you really like him, it is probably also a good idea to be sensitive to his issues and avoid overtly flirting with other boys in front of him. In the end, clingy people are sometimes meant to mate with their own kind. Things might not work out because you are an independent woman, and he is not yet an independent man...this may change as he matures, or he may be clingy forever.

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15 April 2008

My So Called Life

Saw this on Jezebel today. I was not allowed to watch My So Called Life when I was younger, along with many other essential teenage nineties television shows (like 90210 and Friends). This, of course, made me obsessed them. I was able to sneak a few episodes of My So Called Life, one of which involved Claire Danes crying...there is nothing more painful than watching Clair Danes "cry" (see Romeo and Juliet and Little Women for proof). After watching this reel I feel like I am missing an essential part of my pop culture education. I mean, really, Jared Leto has been bagging girls way out of his league for the last ten years all because of this show. But, like, on the other hand, I might like totally want to smack Claire Danes if I watch too many episodes back to like back. Still, considering Netflixing, thoughts?

Designer White Shirts at the GAP


Gap! Phillip Lim! Band of Outsiders! threeASFOUR! Michael Bastian! White Shirts for $78! Did I mention these designers all just did items for the GAP?

Images from Gap

14 April 2008

Sometimes more is just more

In the beginning, I joined facebook, and it was good. I was for the first time able to stalk crushes of ages past and reconnect with people I would have preferred to forget from high school. I put up my favorite books and music and a few cute pictures. I put up some of my favorite quotes from classic movies like "Old School" and "Joe Dirt."

Then other people started putting up pictures of me, some unflattering, and I was forced to learn "untagging" so that those high school friends would not laugh at how chubby stress eating has made me.

Then I started getting all these invitations from strangers who had the same last name as me, many in high school, because they thought we should be friends.

Then I found out that employers were asking their new hires to log on to facebook and check out prospective employees...forcing me to effectively neuter my profile of all personality.

Then "applications" were introduced and a social networking site that I adored for its elegant simplicity became the point that I began to wonder if all the reasons I joined facebook instead of my space still held. I currently have:
  • Invitations to add 6 plants to my profile via a "lil green patch" application
  • Ten outstanding quizzes, including a "campus sex survey" from some guy who has not spoken to me in eight years and who has not been in college for at least four years
  • Messages from a handful of people who think I am fashionable or hot (thanks!)
  • Invitations to play Oregon trail (I'll probably do that)
  • A handful of party invites to events in other states
I go to some facebook profile pages and I can hardly find information on the person anymore because of all the random applications, some of which are poorly designed to integrate into the strict formating of facebook.

The facebook recently added an instant messaging feature, so now I have random windows popping up when I log on. I wish facebook would stop adding more and more crap. I'm already starting to get the feeling that a more fabulous social networking site is on the way, and the facebook is on the way out.

13 April 2008

Posters for Marilyn


Marilyn has been fixated on the Drunken Mermaid collection from Tsai-fi on etsy. She originally was thinking of putting a set up in her bathroom, but in conjunction with this vintage mermaid poster, she can have an entire tipsy mermaid installation in her bedroom.

Images from Tsai-fi and

11 April 2008

Introducing Inspiring Images


I've recently started a tumblr page: Chic and Charming, Inspiring Images. I think of my tumblr page as a virtual scrapbook and inspiration journal. Everyday I post my favorite images from across the internet, from fashion to decor to art. I'm a pretty big fan of tumblr because it is SO easy to keep track of your favorite links and pictures. I just installed a button on my tool bar and whenever I see something I love I press the button and it automatically makes the post! This is definitely one of my new favorite tools for organizing my online favorites.

09 April 2008

Pop Fiction?

Is this REALLY Natalie Portman's boyfriend or is she filming an episode of Pop Fiction? "Pop Fiction, an eight-episode series, is a prank show targeting paparazzi and gullible media outlets" (from AOL)

Image from jezebel

Um, Ugly?

Christian Siriano, fashion genius, what were you smoking when you designed this dress?

Image from shoppingblog

08 April 2008

Who says you can't buy style?

Many things ran through my mind as I scrolled through the catalog for Daphne Guinness's clothing and accessory auction, to be held at the end of the month:

WOW, designer clothing looks a lot less sexy without editorial styling. Hmmm...may Daphne is getting rid of all her boring clothing.

If she is selling 96 pairs of sunglasses, how many did she keep?

They really think the outside figure for Lot 239 (sky blue mink bolero; pink mink stole; purple patchwork suede jacket; and a red hide jacket all once worn by one of the most fabulous women ever) is about $300? Are they kidding?

I would rock that hat. I wonder if I could knit one for myself.

I wonder if she has to sell these clothes to fund the diamond studded silver chain maile glove she's been working on for years

$600 as the "high bid" for two Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton bags...that is when you know the person doing the estimates knows nothing about fashion. I wonder if she ever actually carried those, or if they got too overexposed too fast.

Head on over to Kerry Taylor Auctions to peruse the dregs of a couture queen's closet, these opportunities don't come around that often.

Images from Kerry Taylor Auctions

07 April 2008

The Starbucks Siren is Back


SO, the Starbucks website says "We're doing something big at Starbucks, like Venti big" to be unveiled tomorrow. Well, my Starbucks jumped the gun, because they ran out of cups and released the "surprise" cups a day early. The Starbucks logo that you are so familiar with has been replaced by the mythical 15th century two tailed siren that was originally the company's logo. The current version is sans nipples, but otherwise about the same (see small corner logo). Starbucks originally felt this logo was not going to fly commercially, and based on my friends' reactions to their cups I would have to say they made a wise choice. The logo has previously been released for a short time in Washington and Oregon.

For those of you interested in learning a little more about what the old logo is all about: the image is based on a 15th or 16th century engraving of a Melusine (depending on the source). Sirens of yore seduced and killed sailors... and I suppose that was a little difficult to do with one tail, so for quite some time mermaids were actually reported to have two tails.

Images from dead programmer

Madge, eco-warrior?

What is it about Madonna that makes magazine editors think eco-warrior?

Images from ecorazzi

New Martha Stewart Weddings Out Now!

It has been an entire year since I got married and I am still obsessed with Martha Stewart Wedding. How beautiful is this skirt! It makes me want to get married all over again, albeit in front of like 5 people in Italy instead of in front of 100 in my hometown. I'll definitely be picking up the new issue.

Image from Martha Stewart

06 April 2008

Dear Target,

Dear Target,

Those of us who come to your store for your designer diffusion lines are often pretty fashion conscious. I mean, come ON, Gryson is only really carried in Saks, Bergdorfs and boutiques so the women who know the label have some standards. I bet you've started to notice that an awful lot of your designer purse collections end up on the sale rack. Would you like me to tell you why? The women who come to your store for a little high-low action are not going to spend $50 on a polyurethane bag when they can go to Marshall's and get a $70 Dooney and Bourke or Coach bag. If you are not going to use leather, at least use some cotton, straw or silk...something we're not going to be embarrassed to carry. Faux patent leather polyurethane is really only OK for stripper boots and Cat Woman costumes on Halloween.


Image from Target

05 April 2008

Awesome finds at TJ Maxx

Got this Too Faced "Good Girl/Bad Girl" compact at TJ Maxx today! It was $7.99 at TJ Maxx, or $30 at Sephora. I also picked up a "Brows in Bloom" eyebrow kit by Anastasia Hollywood at TJ Maxx, also $7.99 down from $30. I found some Stila lip gloss for $3.99, but tragically someone had stuck her fingers in the product. Several of the Too Faced compacts were also destroyed by grubby fingers, ladies...TJ Maxx is not Sephora! There are no samplers, so keep your fingers out of the products so that someone who actually wants to purchase the goods can do so without wondering what kind of gross crap has been left in the compact by someone's unwashed fingers.

In other news, they had a huge stock of Theory, Tahari and Max Studio...some of my favorite designers AND the mother of all finds...A Marc Jacobs dress!! Sadly, the dress was literally ten sizes too small for me.

In short, get your butt over to TJ Maxx to see if your store is as well stocked as mine!

Image from Too Faced

04 April 2008

Charming Chat: Japanese Dining Etiquette

This week I will be giving pointers on dining etiquette in Japan, not planning on heading to Japan anytime soon? Well, then think of these as tips on how to avoid insulting your sushi chef.

MP3 File

DIY Craft Armoire

I am totally obsessed with this do-it-yourself craft armoire from this month's Martha Stewart Living. Two bookcases are joined with hinges so that they swing open and closed, with plenty of storage and a foldout desk inside. The backside of this piece is covered with a hand painted botanical wallpaper panel.

Image from Martha Stewart online

03 April 2008

Fabuless: Zac Posen for Target...Australia

I'm so excited that Zac Posen did a collection for Target...I am completely heart broken that the collection is for Target Australia.

That's right, all these fabulous clothes are on sale at Target starting today. My Aussie readers...PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know what the collection is like!

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02 April 2008

New Feature! Twitterpated

Just can't get enough Chic and Charming? Sign up to follow my new twitter stream with RSS! Or surf over to my twitter page to find out what Chic and Charming twitter is all about and follow me through twitter!

What is twitter? Twitter was originally intended as a constant update (similar to IM away message or the facebook status update) of what is going on in the user's life, but I plan to use it to post things I run across throughout the day that I find interesting, but don't have time to do a full post on. I have 140 characters to make my point, leading to pithy posts on interesting topics.

I've inserted a twitter widget in my sidebar, so that you can see the last two things I've posted anytime you visit