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14 April 2008

Sometimes more is just more

In the beginning, I joined facebook, and it was good. I was for the first time able to stalk crushes of ages past and reconnect with people I would have preferred to forget from high school. I put up my favorite books and music and a few cute pictures. I put up some of my favorite quotes from classic movies like "Old School" and "Joe Dirt."

Then other people started putting up pictures of me, some unflattering, and I was forced to learn "untagging" so that those high school friends would not laugh at how chubby stress eating has made me.

Then I started getting all these invitations from strangers who had the same last name as me, many in high school, because they thought we should be friends.

Then I found out that employers were asking their new hires to log on to facebook and check out prospective employees...forcing me to effectively neuter my profile of all personality.

Then "applications" were introduced and a social networking site that I adored for its elegant simplicity became the point that I began to wonder if all the reasons I joined facebook instead of my space still held. I currently have:
  • Invitations to add 6 plants to my profile via a "lil green patch" application
  • Ten outstanding quizzes, including a "campus sex survey" from some guy who has not spoken to me in eight years and who has not been in college for at least four years
  • Messages from a handful of people who think I am fashionable or hot (thanks!)
  • Invitations to play Oregon trail (I'll probably do that)
  • A handful of party invites to events in other states
I go to some facebook profile pages and I can hardly find information on the person anymore because of all the random applications, some of which are poorly designed to integrate into the strict formating of facebook.

The facebook recently added an instant messaging feature, so now I have random windows popping up when I log on. I wish facebook would stop adding more and more crap. I'm already starting to get the feeling that a more fabulous social networking site is on the way, and the facebook is on the way out.


WendyB said...

OMG! You nailed it. I can't stand Facebook anymore. All those crappy applications. I guess it would be more thrilling if I didn't have a blog, but I do have one that takes up major online time, so I don't want to spend more time dealing with dumb apps. Facebook has jumped the shark.

STEPsHAtepoNIEs said...

I feel the same way about Facebook, and I've considered deleting mine. Up until recently I was proud of myspace for staying away from the whole "applications" thing, but they've started to do the same thing. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure they don't force someone to invite their friends, I haven't recieved any annoying messages telling me to add applications and quizzes.

This is the same reason google searches have surpassed yahoo. Google's homepage got simpler over the years as yahoo got more and more complicated.

Myspace is still, as far as I'm concerned,a thousand times easier to use. My chemistry class persuaded the teacher to get one, and after asking us simple things like how to post comments and all that, she got the hang of everything pretty quick.