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08 April 2008

Who says you can't buy style?

Many things ran through my mind as I scrolled through the catalog for Daphne Guinness's clothing and accessory auction, to be held at the end of the month:

WOW, designer clothing looks a lot less sexy without editorial styling. Hmmm...may Daphne is getting rid of all her boring clothing.

If she is selling 96 pairs of sunglasses, how many did she keep?

They really think the outside figure for Lot 239 (sky blue mink bolero; pink mink stole; purple patchwork suede jacket; and a red hide jacket all once worn by one of the most fabulous women ever) is about $300? Are they kidding?

I would rock that hat. I wonder if I could knit one for myself.

I wonder if she has to sell these clothes to fund the diamond studded silver chain maile glove she's been working on for years

$600 as the "high bid" for two Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton bags...that is when you know the person doing the estimates knows nothing about fashion. I wonder if she ever actually carried those, or if they got too overexposed too fast.

Head on over to Kerry Taylor Auctions to peruse the dregs of a couture queen's closet, these opportunities don't come around that often.

Images from Kerry Taylor Auctions


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is a type-o in the Guinness auction pamphlet or whatever, but I VIVIDLY remember those two LV bags, and...

Yes, the graffiti one is by Stephen Sprouse, but the one in front is by Julie Verhoeven who designed bags for the Spring-Summer season of 2002. The theme was "conte de fees" - "fairy tales", so it was all about the little forest animals, etc...deer, frogs, butterflies, toadstools, etc...

Here's a post I wrote a while ago as a season-by-season recap:

Jess said...

Thanks for the comment! I agree - those items would look much better with some professional styling. Goodness!

Unknown said...

Daphne is so cool because she is donating all money earned on this auction to a charity called WomanKind. It's great to see that Daffers is making a difference by trading her memories for money to help oppressed women around the world:)

Chic and Charming said...

Fab! Thanks for sharing michaela, that so is awesome! Daphne is totally one of my style icons and its great to hear that she has such a great heart too!

Cellar Door said...

For a style icon she's got some ugly stuff, in my humble opinion. (Feel quite guilty saying that as it's for charity and all...)

Unknown said...

Check out the entire collection -- there are some pretty things that you won't find anywhere!