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31 May 2008

The looooooooooove Guru

Yes, that is Justin Timberlake

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30 May 2008

Winehouse footware


They kind of look like bedroom slippers, I wonder if this will spark a trend?

Image from jezebel

29 May 2008

When our powers combine...


Gap, Banana Republic, Pepper Lime and Old Navy are now all linked online. You can now shop at all four websites and check out only one time, its utilitarian, but not all that attractive. Does that mean gift cards are now also transferable between stores?

Image from Banana Republic

28 May 2008

I <3 Jezebel

"Tranny? It's Tranny. It's Solid Gold Ferocia Tranny. It's Studio 54 via Project Runway Tranny. Tranny. (Sorry, that joke will never get old for me. Thanks, Amy Poehler)."-Jezebel on Christian's outfit for the Sex in the City NY premiere. Go check out the rest of the snark-tastic commentary.

OH, and she also said Anna Wintour looks like her mother.

Image from Jezebel

Posie Pink Dahling

I am absolutely addicted to benetint, which I would wager is by far Benefit's most successful product. It is kind of surprising that it took so long to release a new shade of the magical tint, but that day has come! Posie Tint is a yummy pink tint, packaged in the nail polish like fashion of the original benetint, and is now on sale at Sephora. I can't wait to try it out in person!

Image from sephora

27 May 2008

Ummm, what?

So far I have been less than impressed with Lauren's taste in men on the Hills, and yes, its sad but true, I am addicted to the Hills. It is kind of like the ghetto reality TV version of Gossip Girl, with less style and more sunshine.

Anyway, I am like a couple of weeks behind because I just watch it on Demand instead of when it actually airs. I remember readings a few weeks about about Lauren's unrequited love for Stephen Colletti and in my head I was like, uh whatever another sleazy grease ball on deck to date Lauren. I was totally shocked with clean teen Chase Adams walked into Lauren's house.
*swoon* *swoon* *swoon*

And, WTF? Now I have to Netflix the original Laguna Beach so that I can stare at Chase...I mean Stephen...

25 May 2008

...and the verdict was

Wedding Look:
Green dress
Gold shoes (which I broke swing dancing)
Green silk purse
Hair: French twist with real orchids
Nails: pale pink
Eyes: Smokey
Lips: Neutral
Reason for going against advice on the dress: There was WAY too much cleavage in the blue indecent amounts of cleavage.
Near tragedy: Did not practice sitting down in the green dress. As it turns out the opaque under dress rides up exposing yards of thigh. I had to cover myself with my great-aunt-in-law's cardigan in Church because it was too much the reception I had a table cloth...thank goodness!

Rehearsal Dinner Look:
White BCBG shirt
Black pencil skirt
Hair in a bun
Red suede clutch
Bright red lips
a hint of kohl lining the eyes
killer heels
all in all very naughty secretary, all I needed was the stockings with seams

I am currently waiting in the Charlotte airport for my flight to my NEXT wedding tomorrow! I will be back to normal as of Tuesday!


24 May 2008

Want it, Need it, Have to have it

I'm team Blair! Are you team Blair or team Serena?

23 May 2008

BCBG has the best purses ever right now

I think this purse is so cleverly designed. I really hope it goes on sale :)

I am beyond obsessed with the white clutch, it comes in satin or leather, and at one point I even think it came in pink. If I was getting married this year, this would be my wedding purse. Even then, I've been begging hubby to let me buy one for our summer of weddings. The gray is cute and classic, and also worth a look!

Image from bcbg

22 May 2008

Dear Readers,

I've been super stressed out at work, and getting ready for five upcoming weddings (almost back to back it seems!), and getting Girls Guide to Blogging off the ground. So, I've not replied to many of comments. I have seen that several of you have invited me to stop by your blog. I have also had a few request for blogroll additions. I promise I'm not ignoring you! I will stop by and make blogroll additions soon. On that note, if you haven't asked and want to be added to the blogroll or want me, or other Chic and Charming girls, to stop by and check out your blog, leave a comment.


21 May 2008

11th hour contender

While looking for the perfect cardigan to wear with my blue and/or green dress to an upcoming wedding, I ran across this a size small. The shirt is too fabulous for words. I envision wearing it with black pants and leopard print D'orsay heels. As husband was not with me, so I was naughty and made the sales girl call Nordstrom in the city I plan to visit next week. They had the shirt in size large! SO, I purchased it over the phone and I have to get pick it up when I arrive in town.

Now girls, should I wear my fabulous new ensemble to the wedding or the rehearsal dinner? With a fabulous gold cuff and red lipstick? Is it too much white for a wedding, even with a black pant? I was with a bride-to-be when shopping and she thought it would be fine for a wedding.

Image from Nordstrom

20 May 2008

More funiture lust...

I've finally found the vanity of my dreams, and at Pottery Barn Teen? How random! Now if only I had 1K to drop on a faux vintage vanity with three built in electrical outlets. In any case, for $200 at least I can have the coolest swively chair ever, perfect for the girl forced to have her desk and vanity in the same room...this chair does double duty with style. BTW they also sell the dress pink and white polkadot! I maybe well past my teen years, but I wish I had some wealthy parents to outfit my abode in Pottery Barn Teen, because goodness knows I can't afford it on my own.

19 May 2008

Rogan for Target, adjust expectations

After hearing that the Rogan for Target line would first be carried by Barney's I had really high hopes for the collection. Obviously there must be something special about this collection! Standing in the forlorn GO! section mysteriously relegated to the back of the Target clothing section (behind even sales) I decided I was obviously wrong. Rogan for Target did not live up to the hype in my head, and there is definitely nothing that special about it. Once again, the fabrics are a bit too shear and often not of very high quality. Once again there are bumpy seams, and I stand in the fitting room frustrated that Target brings in the best designers to design collections in Junior sizing, for women whose T&A are still arriving and as a result post adolescent women sometimes end up looking like porn stars.

Another big selling point of the Rogan for Target line is its green-ness, while mostly green the collection is not entirely green. I point you to another blog with more authority on all things eco-friendly, Emerald City: "I highly recommend making your eco-shopping decisions on a per-item basis, instead of simply assuming everything in the Rogan for Target line is eco."

There is NOTHING WRONG with Rogan for Target, there are many cute pieces, which I will be posting my review of later this week. I just headed to Target expecting Barneys at Target prices, and got, well Target at Target prices, well designed Target, but Target none the less. Rogan for Target is definitely like every other Target GO! collection, despite being carried by Barney's...accept it, adjust expectations accordingly and you will be a much happier women when you venture to Target to check it out in person.

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16 May 2008

Perfect Boudoir Chair

I found this chair whilst browsing the most lusted after items currently listed on the front page of Style Hive. The Jardin chair is from Crate and Barrel and is also available in a loud Dufy-esque green floral print. This chair would be perfect for canoodeling, reading, adjusting the seams on your stockings, and artfully lounging. How sexy would it be in pink!

I have to note that I am also in lust with the Avery Bombe chest, which was listed under "coordinating items." I was further enamored after seeing the swoon worthy detailing on the interior of each drawer.

Images from Style Hive and Crate and Barrel

14 May 2008

One dress, Two dress, Green Dress, Blue Dress?


I purchased these dresses as potential wardrobe options for my brother-in-laws wedding at the end of the month. Both dresses are from Max Studio, both are silk (green, blue). The wedding party will be wearing "claret and cream." So, as per the rules of wedding dressing, I cannot wear white, claret or cream. BUT, since I will be in a lot of photos I should not clash either. So, which dress do you vote for? I'm trying to convince the husband to let me keep both as we will be attending five weddings in the next three months. They are both even prettier in person!

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13 May 2008

Announcing the Launch of Girls Guide to Blogging

You may have noticed that I have been a little less diligent in my posting over the last few weeks. I have been spending most of my free time putting together a new blog/resource for the Chic and Charming community and bloggers everywhere!

Girls Guide to Blogging (GG2B) is a resource for those looking to expand and manage their presence on the internet. There are many excellent resources available for bloggers interested in building their site and their brand, but GG2B differentiates itself by focusing on how to excel in niche markets that generally appeal to female bloggers and female readers.

Blogging is quickly becoming a mainstream source of information, especially in time sensitive fields such as news, gossip, technology and fashion. While I don’t believe that blogging will ever completely replace traditional media, it has a major impact on how news, trends and ideas get disseminated. Blogs in female oriented niches have the potential to be influential taste makers, and excellent marketing opportunities for savvy brands. Many small business owners now maintain blogs to assist in marketing their products. Many companies, especially beauty product manufacturers, send out cart loads of free samples to bloggers they hope will feature their products. Leading fashion bloggers are now courted by the largest fashion houses. For example, Chanel recently flew 10 bloggers to Paris for press junket! With hard work and dedication there is no reason that YOU can’t be sipping champaign as you make your way to Paris to be courted by one of the most glamorous companies in the world.

Girls Guide to Blogging provides the basic information and tools need to become and remain successful on the ever evolving internet. Here you will find profiles of relevant social networking sites, reviews of new internet services and tips and tricks to make your e-life easier. We are looking to build a vibrant community of motivated bloggers will to share the expertise to help new comers succeed online.

So, you should go check it out! And, while you are there you should join the Girls Guide to Blogging Community!

12 May 2008

Gadget Guru: Google, will you marry me?

I know they maybe large and corporate...but really, no one knows how to give me what I want on the internet like Google. Tonight Google will be announcing (releasing?) a plug and play social media service, Friend Connect. With Friend Connect you will be able to add some of your favorite facebook/myspace like features to your own blog. I am BEYOND jazzed, especially since my newest online project is part social network. I just hope Friend Connect lives up to the hype in my head.

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09 May 2008

Winkee...the new Dickie?

As a girl with cleavage issues, I know I should be all about the winkee...but honestly it fills me with a mixture of horror and amusement.

The first thing the winkee made me think of was a dickie. For those you fortunate enough not to know what a dickie is: it is essentially the top half of a turtle neck, worn to get the look of a turtle neck without the warmth or bulk. Typically, one would wear a dickie under a v-neck sweater or collared shirt. Dickies always make me think of Kent from Real Genius.

When I got beyond the concept and looked at a picture of the actual winkee I burst our laughing. Is it me, or does it look like someone cut a pair of underwear in half and then stuck it over their bra with double stick tape? or maybe just stuck their underwear over their bra before putting it on? So, will you be recycling your old thongs as cleavage cover or spending $15 on a winkee?

PS-I am beyond horrified that most people seem to be taking this as a serious fashion accessory. I apologize in advance if I am offending, but really?? I am a strong believer in the "if you were hit a bus and had to be stripped at the hospital by a hot doctor, would wearing that embarrass you?" school of fashion, also know as the always wear clean underwear school of fashion. I'm pretty sure most men would just be freaked out by the sight of a winkee, and would wonder why you were wearing your panties over your bra.

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08 May 2008

Friend Sophia on the Facebook!

Today Sophia Charming joined Facebook! And created the "Chic and Charming" and "Charming Dandy" groups! Friend me!

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07 May 2008

5 Things

I've had kind of a yucky day, so I'm going to write one of those chain-letter type posts that I see circulating so often, for some mindless fun. I copied the formating of Tres Poshe Preppy's post for the day:

5 Things I Can't Live Without Under $10:
1. Iced nonfat lattes
2. Fried chicken
3. Vosages Barcelona Bar
4. Google Reader
5. Domino Magazine

5 Favorite Movies:
1. Marie Antoinette
2. Thomas Crown Affair

3. To Catch a Thief
4. Breakfast at Tiffany
5. Old School

5 Favorite Girl Baby Names That I Love But Won't Use (hmmm...never say never):
1. Imagen
2. Estella
3. Bridgette
4. Amelie
5. Chloe

5 Favorite Boy Baby Names That I Love But Won't Use:
I refuse to think about boy's names because there is no way that I will give birth to a boy. In the event tragedy strikes, I'm sure I'll be incandescently happy with John Doe, but he probably won't be named for several weeks.

5 Songs You Could Listen to Over and Over:
1. Hong Kong Garden, with strings intro (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
2. The Lark Ascending (Vaughan Williams)
3. Sweet Home Alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

4. 6 Underground (Sneaker Pimps)
5. Always a Woman (Billy Joel)

5 Things That Stay In My Handbag At All Times:
I like to remind my husband that "a true lady travels unencumbered" and travel sans handbag, but in the event I do:
1. Letterpress calling cards and moo chic and charming cards
2. Liberty handkerchief
3. Pill box containing migraine meds and zantac
4. USB key
5. Mini moleskin accordion file to keep receipts organized

5 Obsessions I Have Right Now:
1. Wordpress Magazine themes
2. My favorite bakery's sticky buns and homemade pop tarts
3. Classic champaign cocktails
4. Learning how to string and hand knot pearl necklaces
5. Frans Masereel

5 Places I'd Love to Go:
1. St. Petersburgh
2. Hong Kong
3. Istanbul
4. Dakar
5. Rio

06 May 2008

Is it me...

...or does this look like a J. CREW bridesmaid dress?

Met Costume Gala 2008

Not super impressed with most of the dresses from the Met Costume Gala. Scarlett looks like she is wearing her underwear. Kate B. is wearing 80s eyeshadow. Posh is wearing way too much dress. I think Mischa is kind of interesting. What are your thoughts?
CLICK on the image for bigger pictures!

05 May 2008

Adventures in Social Media

I've been playing around with a few new social media sites recently, namely: twitter, tumblr, sk*rt, sugarloving, storeadore and stylehive. I feel that each of these networks has it's own niche and benefits, and I'm trying to decide which ones will most benefit Chic and Charming and my community of readers.

First impressions:
  • Twitter: I'm liking twitter currently. It has allowed me to correspond with some of my frequent readers (and frequent reads) much more intimately than through trading comments on our respective blogs. Most people use twitter for two purposes: to provide a running commentary on their life or to promote something. My use of twitter is not entirely traditional. I have a wee bit of life commentary and a wee bit of blog promotion. I primarily use twitter to send out links to my favorite blog articles of the day, so that people with similar interests can share in my interesting finds. So far, I feel like this has resulted in mixed results. I think the thing I like the most about twitter so far is networking with other bloggers.
  • Tumblr: While I use twitter to share links to my favorite articles, I use tumblr to share pictures from my favorite onilne articles. I think of these as "visual bookmarks" and an online inspiration journal. Personally, I would be much more likely to follow up on links from my tumblr page than my twitter page because the pictures on tumblr really draw me in. My tumblr page reveals that I am actually mostly obsessed with following decorating blogs online, despite the fact C&C has very little decor/home design. Here is my tumblr
  • Sk*rt: Sk*rt is essentially digg for girls. It takes a long time to reap the rewards of digg, and sk*rt maybe similar, so I am reserving judgment. I did make the front page with one of my first submissions, but subsequent submissions have been buried.
  • Sugarloving, also like digg for girls, except I think it is even more difficult to get something promoted than on sk*rt. Again, I am reserving judgment until I've been on it for a month or two. I am disappointed by their lack of bookmarking widget for my toolbar. I signed up for the Sugar network a few months ago, and have never spent much time there. Sugarloving might increase my time in the network. My previous experiences with Sugar were mixed. The network makes it difficult to promote external websites, and many users don't seem to link out of the sugar network.
  • StoreAdore: StoreAdore is a brand new site that allows you to search for the hottest shops in your neighborhood or in a city you are planning to travel to. Their listings are pretty extensive. I am planning a shopping expedition to New York City this summer using StoreAdore to test the website's user friendliness, accuracy and recommendations. I will definitely be writing a longer post letting you know what I think sometime in July.
  • Stylehive: A e-shopping community. Still trying to figure it out. I did start a Chic and Charming hive (you should join!)
  • Stumble, ShopStyle, Polyvore, ThisNext: Other options that I am not currently examining.
  • I am also not testing Coutorture. Back in the day, when C&C was young, I submitted to be included in the Coutorture community, and was not accepted at the time. They did offer some suggestions on how to make my blog a bit more about fashion in order to be accepted, but ultimately I decided that I like my content just the way it is. I totally respect their commitment to keeping their fashion community about fashion. I know many of my readers are part of this community, so I just wanted to let you know I did not leave you out :). If you would like to be part of the Coutorture network, which is a network of fasion bloggers, you can email them, their emails can be found here: Staff.
Do you guys have any experience with these networks? Especially the ones I am not covering? I'm going to spend the new month or two giving them a solid test run, and then I will report back!

Image form

01 May 2008

RSS Awareness Day


Today is RSS awareness day! Personally, my web browsing habits changed forever when I signed up with google reader, and started receiving my favorite blogs by RSS instead of following the links in my blogroll to check on my favorite blogs everyday. When I was manually checking, it took forever and I was inevitably disappointed when I landed on a blog that had not been update. Now, I follow three times as many blogs and it takes half the time! I also love that google reader allows me to mark my favorite articles, and even share them with my friends. My blogs are all categorized with key words to make it easy to search for articles by topic! I highly recommend switching over to RSS!