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21 May 2008

11th hour contender

While looking for the perfect cardigan to wear with my blue and/or green dress to an upcoming wedding, I ran across this a size small. The shirt is too fabulous for words. I envision wearing it with black pants and leopard print D'orsay heels. As husband was not with me, so I was naughty and made the sales girl call Nordstrom in the city I plan to visit next week. They had the shirt in size large! SO, I purchased it over the phone and I have to get pick it up when I arrive in town.

Now girls, should I wear my fabulous new ensemble to the wedding or the rehearsal dinner? With a fabulous gold cuff and red lipstick? Is it too much white for a wedding, even with a black pant? I was with a bride-to-be when shopping and she thought it would be fine for a wedding.

Image from Nordstrom


WendyB said...

I would wear it to the rehearsal dinner but not the wedding.

Anonymous said...

i would do the new (and fab) ensemble for the rehearsal dinner:)

Anonymous said... classy. Love it. Rehearsal dinner.