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25 May 2008

...and the verdict was

Wedding Look:
Green dress
Gold shoes (which I broke swing dancing)
Green silk purse
Hair: French twist with real orchids
Nails: pale pink
Eyes: Smokey
Lips: Neutral
Reason for going against advice on the dress: There was WAY too much cleavage in the blue indecent amounts of cleavage.
Near tragedy: Did not practice sitting down in the green dress. As it turns out the opaque under dress rides up exposing yards of thigh. I had to cover myself with my great-aunt-in-law's cardigan in Church because it was too much the reception I had a table cloth...thank goodness!

Rehearsal Dinner Look:
White BCBG shirt
Black pencil skirt
Hair in a bun
Red suede clutch
Bright red lips
a hint of kohl lining the eyes
killer heels
all in all very naughty secretary, all I needed was the stockings with seams

I am currently waiting in the Charlotte airport for my flight to my NEXT wedding tomorrow! I will be back to normal as of Tuesday!


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