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13 May 2008

Announcing the Launch of Girls Guide to Blogging

You may have noticed that I have been a little less diligent in my posting over the last few weeks. I have been spending most of my free time putting together a new blog/resource for the Chic and Charming community and bloggers everywhere!

Girls Guide to Blogging (GG2B) is a resource for those looking to expand and manage their presence on the internet. There are many excellent resources available for bloggers interested in building their site and their brand, but GG2B differentiates itself by focusing on how to excel in niche markets that generally appeal to female bloggers and female readers.

Blogging is quickly becoming a mainstream source of information, especially in time sensitive fields such as news, gossip, technology and fashion. While I don’t believe that blogging will ever completely replace traditional media, it has a major impact on how news, trends and ideas get disseminated. Blogs in female oriented niches have the potential to be influential taste makers, and excellent marketing opportunities for savvy brands. Many small business owners now maintain blogs to assist in marketing their products. Many companies, especially beauty product manufacturers, send out cart loads of free samples to bloggers they hope will feature their products. Leading fashion bloggers are now courted by the largest fashion houses. For example, Chanel recently flew 10 bloggers to Paris for press junket! With hard work and dedication there is no reason that YOU can’t be sipping champaign as you make your way to Paris to be courted by one of the most glamorous companies in the world.

Girls Guide to Blogging provides the basic information and tools need to become and remain successful on the ever evolving internet. Here you will find profiles of relevant social networking sites, reviews of new internet services and tips and tricks to make your e-life easier. We are looking to build a vibrant community of motivated bloggers will to share the expertise to help new comers succeed online.

So, you should go check it out! And, while you are there you should join the Girls Guide to Blogging Community!

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