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23 May 2008

BCBG has the best purses ever right now

I think this purse is so cleverly designed. I really hope it goes on sale :)

I am beyond obsessed with the white clutch, it comes in satin or leather, and at one point I even think it came in pink. If I was getting married this year, this would be my wedding purse. Even then, I've been begging hubby to let me buy one for our summer of weddings. The gray is cute and classic, and also worth a look!

Image from bcbg


Anonymous said...

That BCBG handbag is the greatest handbag in the whole world! Sold!

Anonymous said...

That white clutch is so perfect for summer! It will match all of my little gold flats perfectly :)

Suzy said...

I love the satchel on the far right...very chic!

FB @ said...

It's like a THREE IN ONE!

Total investment. 3 purses, takes up only one spot on your shelf, looks hot too boot

I'm linking to this in my next round of link love.