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06 May 2008

Met Costume Gala 2008

Not super impressed with most of the dresses from the Met Costume Gala. Scarlett looks like she is wearing her underwear. Kate B. is wearing 80s eyeshadow. Posh is wearing way too much dress. I think Mischa is kind of interesting. What are your thoughts?
CLICK on the image for bigger pictures!


Ashe said...

Well, for an event that is Superhero-themed, it's not entirely WRONG for Scarlett to wear something that resembles her underwear...

Danz said...

I know many people hated Amber Valetta's angel inspired dress but i thought it was great.

On a normal red carpet it would have been a complete flop for me but she was the only one who took probably the most risk to interpret the superhero theme. Most people just chose pretty dresses.

Oh, I liked Mischa's and Naomi Watt's dresses too.

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WendyB said...


Emilia Jane said...

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You don't have to do anything but if you want to award five more bloggers you can! Thanks! Emilia