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14 May 2008

One dress, Two dress, Green Dress, Blue Dress?


I purchased these dresses as potential wardrobe options for my brother-in-laws wedding at the end of the month. Both dresses are from Max Studio, both are silk (green, blue). The wedding party will be wearing "claret and cream." So, as per the rules of wedding dressing, I cannot wear white, claret or cream. BUT, since I will be in a lot of photos I should not clash either. So, which dress do you vote for? I'm trying to convince the husband to let me keep both as we will be attending five weddings in the next three months. They are both even prettier in person!

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k e r r y said...

I love the green dress!

Mary said...

Okay if worse comes to worse, definitely the blue. It goes with every wedding scheme imaginable and IT HAS A BOW. AHHH. Too cute! Love it, I need it, if I didn't already have a loveable prom dress I'd buy it RIGHT NOW. The green is nice too but not as functinable and a tad on the lingerish side... but fabulous nonetheless.

But you totally need both. Really.

Anonymous said...

i like the blue one a lot more...i think you should keep looking for a replacement for the green dress...

PS Have you checked out the new GO! Designer line at Target?

PPS Target has some awesome finds on the sale rack right now