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16 May 2008

Perfect Boudoir Chair

I found this chair whilst browsing the most lusted after items currently listed on the front page of Style Hive. The Jardin chair is from Crate and Barrel and is also available in a loud Dufy-esque green floral print. This chair would be perfect for canoodeling, reading, adjusting the seams on your stockings, and artfully lounging. How sexy would it be in pink!

I have to note that I am also in lust with the Avery Bombe chest, which was listed under "coordinating items." I was further enamored after seeing the swoon worthy detailing on the interior of each drawer.

Images from Style Hive and Crate and Barrel


Lys said...


Sadly I'll have to wait til I move but oh my lordy - LOVE IT!

oui fashionista said...

Wow that chair is amazing! i think the color makes it look so dark and rich and scrummy!

p.s will you check out my blog?

WendyB said...

Love that chair.