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19 May 2008

Rogan for Target, adjust expectations

After hearing that the Rogan for Target line would first be carried by Barney's I had really high hopes for the collection. Obviously there must be something special about this collection! Standing in the forlorn GO! section mysteriously relegated to the back of the Target clothing section (behind even sales) I decided I was obviously wrong. Rogan for Target did not live up to the hype in my head, and there is definitely nothing that special about it. Once again, the fabrics are a bit too shear and often not of very high quality. Once again there are bumpy seams, and I stand in the fitting room frustrated that Target brings in the best designers to design collections in Junior sizing, for women whose T&A are still arriving and as a result post adolescent women sometimes end up looking like porn stars.

Another big selling point of the Rogan for Target line is its green-ness, while mostly green the collection is not entirely green. I point you to another blog with more authority on all things eco-friendly, Emerald City: "I highly recommend making your eco-shopping decisions on a per-item basis, instead of simply assuming everything in the Rogan for Target line is eco."

There is NOTHING WRONG with Rogan for Target, there are many cute pieces, which I will be posting my review of later this week. I just headed to Target expecting Barneys at Target prices, and got, well Target at Target prices, well designed Target, but Target none the less. Rogan for Target is definitely like every other Target GO! collection, despite being carried by Barney's...accept it, adjust expectations accordingly and you will be a much happier women when you venture to Target to check it out in person.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. If you're going to do basics and simple silhouettes, I feel the fabric quality has to be good. This collection has nothing to fall back on besides being eco-friendly, which is important of course, but hard to verify...

etoilee8 said...

I think as far as the GO collections have been. . . this has been the best one since Erin Fetherston. . . and I am throughly enjoying the two pieces I purchased. Is it perfect? No. Is it Target. .. yes? Should you expect perfection. . . probably not so much :)