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27 May 2008

Ummm, what?

So far I have been less than impressed with Lauren's taste in men on the Hills, and yes, its sad but true, I am addicted to the Hills. It is kind of like the ghetto reality TV version of Gossip Girl, with less style and more sunshine.

Anyway, I am like a couple of weeks behind because I just watch it on Demand instead of when it actually airs. I remember readings a few weeks about about Lauren's unrequited love for Stephen Colletti and in my head I was like, uh whatever another sleazy grease ball on deck to date Lauren. I was totally shocked with clean teen Chase Adams walked into Lauren's house.
*swoon* *swoon* *swoon*

And, WTF? Now I have to Netflix the original Laguna Beach so that I can stare at Chase...I mean Stephen...


Ondo Lady said...

OMG!!! Stephen is an actor and in One Tree Hill! I had no idea, I love One Tree Hill. I have just been reading about Stephen on wikipedia and apparently Laguna Beach was created around his life. Interesting, particularly now as Lauren has now become the star.

Anonymous said...

i own the first 2 seasons on dvd if you want to borrow them

Leaning Shanty Farm said...

It makes me oh so happy to see that other "grown women" are enjoying these teeny-bopper shows as much as I do!

I am a Hills, GG, and OTH Fanatic's sad...but I don't care.

I'm just glad I'm not alone. :)