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09 May 2008

Winkee...the new Dickie?

As a girl with cleavage issues, I know I should be all about the winkee...but honestly it fills me with a mixture of horror and amusement.

The first thing the winkee made me think of was a dickie. For those you fortunate enough not to know what a dickie is: it is essentially the top half of a turtle neck, worn to get the look of a turtle neck without the warmth or bulk. Typically, one would wear a dickie under a v-neck sweater or collared shirt. Dickies always make me think of Kent from Real Genius.

When I got beyond the concept and looked at a picture of the actual winkee I burst our laughing. Is it me, or does it look like someone cut a pair of underwear in half and then stuck it over their bra with double stick tape? or maybe just stuck their underwear over their bra before putting it on? So, will you be recycling your old thongs as cleavage cover or spending $15 on a winkee?

PS-I am beyond horrified that most people seem to be taking this as a serious fashion accessory. I apologize in advance if I am offending, but really?? I am a strong believer in the "if you were hit a bus and had to be stripped at the hospital by a hot doctor, would wearing that embarrass you?" school of fashion, also know as the always wear clean underwear school of fashion. I'm pretty sure most men would just be freaked out by the sight of a winkee, and would wonder why you were wearing your panties over your bra.

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Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

I'm speechless. Completely speechless.


Anonymous said...

winkees......ugh dont't knock em til you try! They look sexy on, & get the goods covered..& my oh, my how sexy to rip off! Get ya a sure aint your moma's dickie!

WendyB said...

This is wrong.

Crimzen Creative said...

Horrible! I am laughing
as well :) There are
better options out there!

Anonymous said...

If you dont want a thong-thingy on your bra- get a Chic Peek!! These things are GREAT!! I think they actually say, "this ain't your mamma's dickie"

Anonymous said...

Gotta tell ya, that this Winkee thing seemed weird to me too until I tried one...& for $15 it's a steal..If you can get past the first chuckle..( I laughed at the look too)until I found that I needed one real bad for my uncle's funeral..My wrap dress was so low cut and in mid July who wants to wear more layers I ordered a black lace trim Winkee, (it arrived in 3 days & the shipping was only $3.50) It covered my cleavage & I never felt in on me.
WARNING there are some copy cat products out there that are inferior& more expensive.
But with the Winkee I was able to attend a somber occasion without feeling self conscious.
So I give the Winkee the prize for being the best NEW, little dickie around!

Anonymous said...

OMG! It does look like a thong!! I totally think you could cut up a thong and use some ashesive tape and stick it to your bra. Why not??

But, the comment about the hot doctor stripping you at the hospital does make you stop and think! :)

Besides the fact that it looks like a thong, has no one stopped to think about the name, WINKEE? My first thought was all the little names we run through when my toddler is potty training! Peepee...weewee...and yes, winkee!

Never know what they will come up with next, and yes there are several people making these types of products and calling them All kinds of things:

winkee, chicpeeks, Partial Tee, no more peeks, chemisettes, hip-t...

I might have to get one just for curiosity's sake!