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01 June 2008

Dear Vera Wang,

Please take note of the following citation issued in response to your Vera Wang for Kohls line AND your lingerie/nightwear line (luxe excluded) on sale at fine retailers, such as bloomys. This is your first warning, if you persist in this course of action you risk totally alienating all women with taste:

You can buy your own citations at knock knock


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you're genius!! And I totally agree... Natural fibers, please!


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I love the Fashion Citation! My favorite box is "Leather issues."

Thank you for making me laugh! I'm right with you on Vera Wang.

Suzy said...

That is fantastic! I absolutely need some of those - there are so many fashion crimes on the streets of Hong Kong...

Mary said...

I would hand way too many of these out for "Ill advised spandex" (THANKS AMERICAN APPAREL...) and then I would have no friends

I better not get my hands on them... so.. so... tempted.