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14 June 2008

Rally the Troops!

Having to pay $10 for 2 hours of internet super sucks, but what can I say, I missed you guys too much. The first part of my adventure is over, and the next part is about to begin! So here I sit, in the smallest airport ever, ignoring hubby and writing up a little C&C post before hopping on an airplane.

SO, here is the news:
News item one: One of my BEST friends is up for a an awesome prize over at Store Adore. She is a finalist in their "Favorite Shopping Indulgence" challenge and could win a GIANT Vosges chocolate box. SO-VOTE FOR HER STORY ABOUT HER HONEYMOON SHOPPING TRIP! As an added bribe, if she wins, I will hold my own Vosges give away over here at C&C when I get back in town. Nothing as fabulous as store adore, but chocolate is chocolate and Vosges chocolate is even better than that!! While you are over there, check out Store Adore, it is a pretty awesome website and the founders are really nice! I'm planning on doing a full post on their website at the end of the summer.

Millicent Rogers, Standard Oil Heiress

News item two: Over the last week I've become pretty obsessed with turquoise jewelry. Growing up I thought turquoise was kind of grandiose and gaudy. I would see famous women in 1950s society pictures and wonder, what the heck are they thinking! But, it has been growing on me. Yesterday I purchased a sublime strand of Tiffany turquoise beads, which I plan to make into a necklace with a large white bow closure. I'll be sure to post pictures when it is done.

News item three: Yay for internet Cafes! I hope to supplement the automatic Monday posts with sporadic updates from airports and internet Cafes!


Images from Store Adore and New York Social Diary

1 comment:

Lys said...

Turquoise is starting to fascinate me. Well, jewelry as a whole is starting to really pique my attention.

I'm thinking that I need to spend some time at Tiffany's this month - just looking of course.